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Saturday, March 17, 2007
wisdom teeth are just a pest *sads*

that aside, i've had a lazy morning... it's been nice. Am gonna have to spend the afternoon clearing up 'n going food shopping for tonight though... a friend from church was invited when we had the wee dinner party last week but couldn't come coz she was away for the weekend, so i offered for her to come tonight instead. We'll probably watch some Glenshee video (as she can't come to our leaders get-together next weekend either) and probably dancing on ice or something... I'm sure it'll be a lovely evening, hopefully not tooooo late though. Am still very tired. *lol*

Am watching Time Team at the moment... that program has always interested me since i was quite young... it's all very interesting.. they are currently literally digging up a guys garden though *heh* quite harsh really...

anyway - i should stop procrastinating...

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