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Thursday, December 22, 2005
well i'm home....... it's nice to be home.
Granny's still here which is good too.... was funny last night though... Phil was waiting for a call from this 'girl' *hehe* and he dove for the phone but missed and instead went head first into the wall was sooooooooooo funny!
anyway - have had a lazy day so far today apart from the fact that I had to get up at 8:30am to answer the door *was most unamused* but it's all good... think i'm driving Granny north later though... not sure yet.
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
hehe... the party last night was sooooo much fun... very chilled... adults and yp interacted loads and it was just v cool... lots of food (junk food of course) and we did a music quiz which was fabby... and then of course we also had the famous dice game which was just funny... so much fun *hehe* and then at the end of the night we played pass the parcel with forfeits of course and finished the night with the newspaper team game when you have to get your team across the 'shark infested waters' the concept of which was completely lost by the other 2 teams, but my team rocked *hehe* was fun... they loved their glow sticks too *hehe* so yeh. was good... makes it all worthwhile when folk who don't usually comment come up to you at the end and thank you for such a great night. *grins* was a good end to a manic and hard term.

anyway - so today i didn't do much today... well nothing overly constructive anyway... i guess i'm completely in holiday mode now... spent the morning cleaning... had the lounge, my room 'n bathroom to do before i went tomorrow so i got them all sorted... and then Kat 'n I headed off to the cinema to see 'The Family Stone' which was an awesome film... was funny, but also had a very emotional theme running through it. was a lovely Christmassy film... def think i'll be looking to buy it when it comes out... then Kat 'n I went to Costa for hot chocolate... was good - had a nice chat... it's amazing what you can miss when you're not paying attention.

Then made dad dinner - was goooooooooooooooood and we went to the cinema... saw 'Merry Christmas - Joyeux Noel' another good film, but for very different reasons... this one was based on a true story during WW1. Was quite a thinker. But was good... dad enjoyed it too... liked the soundtrack too *grin*. So yeah not done much since i got back... although Kat 'n I delivered the stockings (anonymously of course - and Kat just had to insist on singing the 'mission impossible theme tune while we were trying to deliver them unnoticed *hehe* - to those who are staying here over Christmas... so hopefully they'll appreciate that on Christmas day.

so yeh... that's pretty much been my day. not very tired.. i guess i really am in hoilday mode *hehe* - so i've still got to pack clothes so that all my stuff is ready fo dad to pick up inbetween meetings tomorrow and then that's me... i'll be off to bed...

home tomorrow *grins*
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Monday, December 19, 2005
5 days to go...
Well yeh... it's been a busy couple of days... sorry for the lack of update. it's been a weird couple of days... there have been good bits and not so good bits... but its all good i guess...
Saturday Kat 'n I headed off to the cinema so i didn't get any work done in the end... Went to see 'Keeping Mum' which is this film about this 'insane' granny who goes around killing people with iron's etc who do things which are wrong... *lol* it's a brittish comedy starring Maggie Smith and Rowen Atkinson, and apart from the blasphamy at the start i actually quite enjoyed it *grins* Can't remember what i did on Saturday night... *thinks*

ah wait... i spent ages talking to mum etc over the web camera's and i gave mum her birthday pressie 'n stuff *grins* she liked it... *grins* so yeh... that was that.

So yesterday was another day of madness... was at church earlier than usual coz they yp were practising before they did their sketch for the Christmas service... the whole point of the sketch was about how Jesus was the best present that people could receive this Christmas - they wrote it themselves... i thought it was quite good. Had wanted to get it on camera, but someone hid it *rolls eyes* so yeah but it went down really well... and then Iain spoke really well and the nativity was really good too - so overall it was a really good service. Sheena gave me a lift home and we had a nice chat about stuff. Then i had lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon faffing about and making playlist for tonights party... then had to go back to church via tesco for party stuff... so i did that 'n headed back to church - got some extra bits for wrapping for tonight, so that was fun disguising them *grins*... then practised with the girls. They sang 'Away in a Manger' with harmonies... worked well i think... *grins* then after that we all headed off to Narnia... was good... and with all the things that could have caused us problems, God just had his hand on it all and so everything went fine and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves *grin*...

so yeh thats pretty much my weekend...
Today I had a lazy morning... then was out with Sheena for lunch 'n we went to Buchanan Galleries coz she had some last minute shopping... Was a good afternoon... I enjoy spending time with her... is always a laugh and we just chat about all sorts.. have kinda missed that since she got together with Geo... but it was nice all the same.

So now i'm just getting the last bits and pieces together for tonight and then that's it... i'll be off to the party with a lift courtasy of dad... *grins* there's a few other things on tonight so a few of the yp can't come which is a shame... but hopefully it'll still work well... i've made sure that older folks can join in with the games too, so it should work...

I'll maybe be on again later to let you kno how it went...
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Saturday, December 17, 2005
Hehehe... yesterday was a great laugh once i'd given up on the studying... had to cook for the flat Christmas dinner so that was fun.... made like this HUGE pasta and chicken with a sauce dish... was nice *grins* and other folk took stuff too so it was very nice.... yummmmmmmmy. Was a laugh we all sat down at the table 'n had crackers 'n stuff and it was just to properly sit down with everyone like that... especially since i've not really be outt and about in the flat this term. Was a nice change just to chill out with them all. They're a good bunch despite their sometimes challenging parts... *grins*
Anyway so we had desserts tooooo *grins* and i made grape brulee which was a complete hit. None left *grins*
so after that I headed to the kitchen to start the pile of dishes while everyone else finished their food... 'n Kat followed 'n we washed up all the dishes... well almost - Steve and Roslind finished the big desserts bowls 'n cups. so my fingers were all rinkly after that. Then we had some party games... musical chairs 'n then we were split into teams 'n had to use junk to dress someone up as an angel *grins* my team came 2nd out of three... but i reckon Blaise's deserved to win for the meer fact that they had sellotaped his halo to his head.... looked sore when they ripped it off *lol* he had a red mark across his head for the rest of the night *hehehe* so yeh then most folk headed off... but some of us hung out 'n listened to music for a little bit. was kl... then we watched 'Cellular' which is actually not a bad film... so i didn't get to bed until really late... hence why i'm still quite sleepy. I think i've resigned myself to the fact that the likelihood of me finishing my assignment before i go home is next to none-existant... doesn't help that the majority of the books we need to use are in the reserve section and so we can't take them out of the library and it's not open today. In fact its not open for its normal hours at all anymore. sucks.

anyway so yeh... was good yesterday. The plan for today is to try 'n get some more studying done for my assignment... maybe even write some of it. But we'll see... there's also the possiblity of going to the cinema later which i will glad take the chance to do i think.

Anyway - one of my young people showed me this this morning 'n i thought it was quite amusing.. certainly made me smile *grins*

dancin' turkey

laters xx
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Friday, December 16, 2005
going up the wall...
grrr grrr grrr... this is such a BORING assignment...
Have borrowed Kat's library books off of her so that i can write up some notes and give them back to her before the flat party tonight... but the thing is that it's all to do with quantitative and qualititative research 'n stuff... bo-ring. have been sitting studying for the past 3 hours, and it's driving me crazy. Am determined to finish with the books before i have to go 'n start cooking the food though.

the last couple of days were good though. Tiring, but good. Was kl to spend some time with Jen 'n catch up a bit as well as stay at her flat 'n meet her flatmates... muchly amusing at times too *hehe* The meeting went ok too... we'll just have to wait 'n see if anything becomes of it in all honesty...

Anyway - need to try 'n finish these books... i'm not even finished the first one yet *argh*
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
sleepy. Term is over... which is good. still got a report to write, but i'll get that done before i go north...

went out to the cinema to 'celebrate' though.... was kl.. went to see Flightplan... quite a good film. Jodi Foster is a good actress... other than that i've come back here 'n vegged out... gotta get up early to go to Edinburgh tomorrow.... its the meeting at 121 George st.... should be interesting... i'm sure i'll update ya on Thursday *grins*
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Monday, December 12, 2005
really tired again... so this is gonna be short...
Just off the phone with mum... nice chat. Short but sweet. Anyway got a presentation for one of my classes tomorrow... should be ok i think... although in all honesty the whole thing seems completely pointless... But maybe thats just me.

Anyway - had a nice enough day... was out with Josh 'n Kat in the morning... nice long walk to start the morning off... 'n we went to Wesley Owen for a nosey and drink etc... then headed back to college 'n i spent the afternoon sorting out this presentation etc... Then headed off to work. Was a good night... lots of hilarity and fun followed by a good but short worship session with God... was good.

Am shattered now though... need to sleep.
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Sunday, December 11, 2005
man i am sooooooooooooooooooooo tired.

Went out to work at 10am this morning... and only got back just under an hour ago... (about 9pm) *yawns*

Yeh so Bible Class was cool... got the yp to make their christmas cards, and then we went and ran to the front door to give them to folks they didn't know from the congregation... i think it went down well. *grins* i got some of it on video, naturally... *wink*

So then, after spending ages cleaning everything up, i then was invited to one of the family's house from church for lunch. Was lovely, and they had invited sheena 'n George and another 'new' family too - so that was nice... Quite enjoyed it, although was verrrrrry tired, would quite easily have snuggled up in their couch and fallen asleep... Lunch was gorgeous... Had 3 course meal. sooo nice though.

So then had to leave that early to go to Elevate... Lauren and i were helping set up today and then the team had some pizza 'n stuff before the event started... was a laugh when we were setting up... and we ended up doing 'the slosh' along to a worship song... most amusing *hehe* yeh but i arrived to find Tim quite stressed... poor guy had gotten a phonecall from out Guest speaker for the evening last night telling him that she was too ill to come... ever so slightly pants... so he ended up having to speak... was still prepping his message during the event... but it was me heading it up this time... was a good laugh... think it was ok... just a bit like doing Breathe... well no it's not like breathe. but i just didn't mind doing it coz i was used to be up at the front like that. Anyway... so i didn't get that finished until about 8:30pm... So it's been a VERY busy day... am sooooo tired. Need my bed... Should really do some work for this presentation i need to write tomorrow before i go to work, but i really can't be bothered... toooooo tired. I reckon i'll just get up 'early' and work solidly throughout the day... it'll be fine. Presentations don't usually bother me that much... although having said that i'm not usually graded on them *hmm*.

right i need to go chill.. later.
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Well got back from seeing Narnia not that long ago... was quite good. Obviously very different in someways from the BBC series which i grew up watching, but i got a tingle down my spine a few times... was good *grins* i won't give anything away though coz i'm sure you guys will be going to see it yourselves at some point...

was a laugh though... there was 8 of us there as a group... and sweets kept on getting passed up and down the line, was very funny. Kat 'n Jo 'n Josh 'n I were giggling away... then got back to Aileen trying to get the last of the scank off the cooker... I scrubbed it last, and she had some stronger stuff tonight to get the last of it off... those guys had better not even BOTHER leaving so much as a spit of grease on that cooker from now on!!!!!

anyway... decorated my room... well when i say decorated, i put up a couple of bits of tinsle and hung my tweety stocking outside my room... was very exciting though coz i got back tonight to find a wee bag of cadbury's buttons and a wee bag of milky way stars sticking out of it *grins* no idea who or what... but nice anyway *grins*

not much else to say... am tired. and i need to make a party invitation for the christmas party in advance of bible class tomorrow... so i should go 'n do that now....

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Saturday, December 10, 2005
Going to the movies...
Well today has been a slighly more relaxed, yet still busy day... it's been a bit insane actually... managed to have a relatively long lie which was nice, and then Kat 'n Josh 'n I all headed down to the cinema to book tickets for tonights showing of Narnia *bounces* am soooooooooo looking forward to it!!!!!! Is my treat seeing as I worked hard to finish my assignment yesterday instead of going out at all... so yeh - it'll be good *grin*

Oh yes... and I got a text from the person who was meant to be leading bible class tomorrow this morning to let me know that there was a problem at their work and so they were having to work tomorrow morning and so couldn't make it to bible class... i know that it's not her fault and at not point would i suggest it was, but i was just sooooo hacked off... coz that means for the 3 week running i'm gonna have to do the BC and whats more 2 of those times i wasn't even meant to be leading and 'inherited' the lesson at the last minute as it were... duh. So yeah, I refused to completely give up my day off in order to spend hours preparing for a full blown lesson, so instead i have decided to combine some previous concepts we've done with the young people along with craft, which they love, and Christmas wind down to allow us to chill... So what are we going to do i hear you say???

welllllll... we're going to make christmas cards, but then the kids are going to be challenged to give them to a member of the congregation that they don't know after the service.... it'll be interesting to see if they take up the challenge or not... you see a couple of months ago we spent a lot of time talking about the church and our responsibilities in the church particularly old vs. young... so tomorrow i'm going to encourage the yp to be proactive in making the effort to open dialogue with some of the adults they don't know... we'll see if it works - prayers would be nice.

So yeah... no much else been happening... well there has been but it's like boring stuff like cleaning and hoovering and such like... nothing that would be of interest to any of you. oh yes and i sent all my christmas cards in the post... so they'll be making their way to you right now!!!!

anyway - i should go 'n do something constructive before i have to go out soon...

laters x
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Friday, December 09, 2005
almost done...
i think i'm possibly almost finished this assignment... it's not great, but i think it'll be ok. Heads too foggy and honestly, it's just too near the end of term and i am in sore need of a break. A couple of days of absolutely no pressure to do anything would be absolutely lovely. However i know that this ain't gonna happen until i get home so... *shrugs*

So yeah, have spent the whole day reading for and writing this essay. Hasn't been much fun. And to put it bluntly i would rather have been at the cinema... would go down now but it's been peeing down with rain all night and i really don't fancy going out and getting soaked through.

anyway - i'm going to go and finish this so that its out of my hair once and for all... even if it is pants.
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*is still tired*
Man i'm wrecked... got back from work 'n going out for dinner with dad last night and then pretty much immediately went to bed 'n fell asleep which is why you didn't (again) get an update... sorry about that.

Blah - it's just been a busy couple of days again... trying to get going with the next assignment, which i'm hoping to finish either today or tomorrow and then college all day yesterday again followed by work etc... oh yes, and the bust up between Kat and Emily... what joy. Sometimes i wonder... i really do.

Anyway - that aside yesterday was pretty crappy, coz i got my first assignment mark back... don't get me wrong it was a pass, an ok pass at best, but not my greatest. (which in all honesty with this term being so manic 'n hard i'll be happy if i just PASS my assignments this term) but when i got my feedback form it turns out that the reasons for giving me the marks that i got are things like not having a complete balanced view 'n using only one method, 'n not defining the terms more clearly 'n not having a personal youth work relevance... the problem with this, is that i was actually TOLD by the other module lecturer (the course leader) that he didnt' WANT me to do the above things as he would prefer me to use ONE method to demonstrate that i could use it... you see the problem was that we had a HUGE issue to cover with only 1200 words which was insane... so i dunno what's going to happen. Hopefully they'll look at it again. It honestly wouldn't bother me had i not known the reasons for get such a compartively (to my usual grades) bad mark.

Anyway so yeh, that made yesterday crappy... that and the fact that i didn't get to see Narnia yet. I will though... probably at some point this weekend i reckon... but i really need to go 'n get these library book re:stamped for end of term... then that's me... I'll be stuck here for the rest of the day studying *joy*

roll on getting home... :(
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
ok... so it's been yet another busy day... doesn't feel like i've done all that much... but i've not stopped all day *ick*

Was in class all morning... wasn't the most inspiring class of all time, and in all honesty i wish they had just given us the time to study and work on our assignments *grr* but yeah whatever... was shattered when i got up - no idea why... then didn't have class this afternoon, so i straightened my hair and then did my workplans and ref report for friday... wanted to get them out of the way so that i could spend some time on my assignment 'uninterrupted' over the next couple of days... So yeh. didn't finish them and send them off to Cherie until just now... but they're done and out of my hair now so that's nice... also had a load of other bits and pieces to do for church 'n for my extra placement in the 3rd term... i swear they get us to sort that out earlier every year! Anyway the result is that i AGAIN didn't get a chance to work on my cultural context assignment... but that will be tomorrow mornings job. It has to be. I have a meeting from 1-4pm so i need to figure out the main stuff that i'm gonna say before i go to that. Blah. ach i dunno... 'tis madness. I suddenly feel like i'm really tooooo busy again... ach well.

anyway - so was also invited out for dinner with Auntie Alison and Uncle Alan... was nice to see them and chat 'n stuff... good food too *grins* then headed off to work. Was the GB Christmas Fayre tonight so i hung around at that for a while and the girls played about with the video camera... so hopefully i'll have some footage which i'll be able to use for my presentation in January... Hmmm...

Anyway i'm realllllllllly tired *doesn't know why* and i need to get up at a decent time if i'm gonna be able to do any work in the morning... so i'm off...
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*sore argh*
Hmmm can't seem to even look at my homepage... *is thinking that blogger is having issues tonight*

so yeh... can't remember what the last thing was that i wrote *is getting old* so this could be fun...

ok so this morning i had a longish lie-in... didn't get up until after 10am, which has been a rarity recently... but was knackered after having such a busy weekend... yeh so i faffed about a bit.. caught up on the news etc... apparently Gay couples are going to be able to register as of 20th Dec in Scotland *hmmm* and only 1 third of Clergy across Scotland actually believe in hell... and most don't adhere at all to their church official doctrine (lots of different demoninations surveyed)... i think that it's all really quite harsh... but what can you say????

anyway so... then Emily asked if i wanted to go into town... and i decided that i really wasn't in the mood to start reading for my next essay, so we did... was cool. We went to a couple of shops 'n did christmas shopping 'n food shopping... was good exercise... Was good. so yeh - got back here and then found some stuff online that i ordered for folk and then *BAM* done. Finished my Christmas shopping!!!! *grins* So yeh... did some wrapping 'n then headed to work... was good - although arrived to find the christmas tree lying on it's side in the middle of the floor, so that made the practicalities slightly awkward, but it was ok... was given a lift back which was great... and then talked to folk on msn for a bit before finishing the wrapping of all the pressies i have... not much left to arrive through the post... it's all good. Glad i've managed to get all of my Christmas prep done.. means that i can now concentrate on my last assignments and all my extra prep for work... so that's good.

ehehehe *is watching friends*

so yeh. am tired, but not... got class at 9am tomorrow morning, and have library books to sort out before 10:30am so i should probably go to sleep....
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Monday, December 05, 2005
another busy day. But met up with Jen, Cara and Nicki which was cool. am shattered. Was out from 10am till 10:30pm without much of a 'break'. am shattered. that's it.
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Sunday, December 04, 2005
*is tired but awake*
man what a busy day... have not stopped since i got up this morning *eeek*

started off the day by dealing with some emails 'n sorting out library books... then had lunch 'n mum went through the grammer in my essay with me - so it's completely finished now... i should be able to hand it in this week probably. *must remember* But got books out for my missions essay... although i'm not 100% sure where books would come into it seeing as it's a case study and discussion *hmmm*... so yeah...

then headed into town, in the rain... had to get stuff for work 'n stamps 'n envelops for Christmas cards... finished writing and addressing the cards i'd made already and then spent the rest of the night wrapping the stuff that i had bought for work and doing prep for Bible Class and Anathallo etc... so it's been pretty hectic... but am wide awake now. Am thinking i may watch Home Alone 2...

it's raining... i home it stops raining for me to get to work tomorrow... i hate it when it rains... i got SOAKED today... so bad that the water was up to my knees on my trousars (and they're not bad for touching the ground) and my trainers were soaked through - was less than amused... that had better not happen tomorrow... what happened to our insanely cold but dry weather???!!!!! :(

anyway... i'm offski for now.
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Friday, December 02, 2005

Hehee... so i think i've finished my assignment... not the best assignment i've ever done... but i've resigned myself to the fact that this term it's ok as long as i just pass everything!!!

sooo... being the lovely person that i am, i decided that i would treat y'all to another holiday pic *grins*

I'm quite pleased that i managed to finish that essay tonight... Means that tomorrow will be less stressful... will still be busy though!!! Got to go shopping for a few bits and pieces, plus prep for Bible Class, plus prep an evaluation tool for Sunday night, plus i've got to go 'n put my books from the exegesis back to the library and look for ones which will be appropriate to my missions essay, which is the one i need to start next... so yeh... it's all fun. May try 'n go to the cinema tomorrow night though - but of course this all depends on how much i get done... today has been really productive though - not only have i managed to finish assignment No. 2, but i've also managed to clean lots... so everything is clean and caught up and so it's alllllll good.

Dunno what to do with myself now... not particularly tired... hmmm. maybe i'll watch one of the Home Alone dvds or something *hehe*
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this essay is doing my head in... i can't wait for this term to be over.
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G put this on his blog and i think that it's a classic... lovin' it!!!!!

Cure for rowdy teens

i reckon this could be a useful tool for getting the yp to listen without telling them to be quiet 100 times *wink*

anyway that aside... ii'm shattered. didn't get to sleep last night until late coz i couldn't sleep *argh* which is quite annoying... but that's just how it is sometimes... Yesterday turned out to be an ok day... morning class was fine, afternoon class was fine and placement seminar was fine. Then rushed off to George and Sheena's for dinner (which was lovely as usual) and had my supervisor meeting which was fine i guess... they're never exactly ground-breaking. So then headed to work... the girls that thought that we were meant to be having a rehearsal for their harmony stint, which we weren't but they practiced on their own anyway... which was fair enough... although really they shouldn't have been in the building on their own... but someone must have let them in and and into the church. *hmmm* so yeh. then it turns out that the main heating for the church has sprung a leak which is rather unfortunate. Which means that we could indeed end up having church in the hall (have you SEEN this size of the hall?! it's tinsy compared to other halls!!!!!!!) so that could be interesting... means that the bible class is having to go up into the vestry which will be even more amusing *hehe* i think Sunday is gonna be another stressful day *doh*.

So yeh, on my way out to B'briggs with George for dinner i got a text from on of the elders of the church to let me know that the elders for Inspired were gonna come visit which was fair enough... the session went pretty well and we did quite a bit of dancing and the girls also got their main plot and structure for their sketch down... was a good night and i think the elders seemed to enjoy themselves which is even better. After that we were putting all the church Christmas cards into bundles... i got blue fingers *lol* but i guess that's just how it is... After i got back here i was shattered, so i didn't do any study - but i wrote most of my Christmas cards instead... actually need to get myself some more envelopes... so that may be a job if i need a break at some point today or tomorrow with writing my essay.... Yes this is my main objective over the next 24 hours... I'd really like to have my exegesis more-or-less finished by this evening so that I can put my books for romans back and get books our for missions (next essay) - but on top of that i have quite a lot of prep to do for Sunday morning and an evaluation process for Anathallo to come up with... *hmm* so yeh. Quite a bit to do over the next couple of days if i'm honest... Am sooooooooo looking forward to Christmas for some time off!!!!!!!
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Thursday, December 01, 2005

am in class... and we're talking about post-modernism... again. duh. It gets quite dull you know... and frustrating... but yeah - whatever...

last nights meeting was an ok one... it'll be interesting to see what action comes out of it though...

anyway - was browsing through my Florida pics and came across this one which i thought was amusing....

yes, that is Phil, me, Fiona and Dad, hanging upside down on the Pirate ship... that one went right up and over - soooo cool *grins*
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