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Sunday, December 11, 2005
man i am sooooooooooooooooooooo tired.

Went out to work at 10am this morning... and only got back just under an hour ago... (about 9pm) *yawns*

Yeh so Bible Class was cool... got the yp to make their christmas cards, and then we went and ran to the front door to give them to folks they didn't know from the congregation... i think it went down well. *grins* i got some of it on video, naturally... *wink*

So then, after spending ages cleaning everything up, i then was invited to one of the family's house from church for lunch. Was lovely, and they had invited sheena 'n George and another 'new' family too - so that was nice... Quite enjoyed it, although was verrrrrry tired, would quite easily have snuggled up in their couch and fallen asleep... Lunch was gorgeous... Had 3 course meal. sooo nice though.

So then had to leave that early to go to Elevate... Lauren and i were helping set up today and then the team had some pizza 'n stuff before the event started... was a laugh when we were setting up... and we ended up doing 'the slosh' along to a worship song... most amusing *hehe* yeh but i arrived to find Tim quite stressed... poor guy had gotten a phonecall from out Guest speaker for the evening last night telling him that she was too ill to come... ever so slightly pants... so he ended up having to speak... was still prepping his message during the event... but it was me heading it up this time... was a good laugh... think it was ok... just a bit like doing Breathe... well no it's not like breathe. but i just didn't mind doing it coz i was used to be up at the front like that. Anyway... so i didn't get that finished until about 8:30pm... So it's been a VERY busy day... am sooooo tired. Need my bed... Should really do some work for this presentation i need to write tomorrow before i go to work, but i really can't be bothered... toooooo tired. I reckon i'll just get up 'early' and work solidly throughout the day... it'll be fine. Presentations don't usually bother me that much... although having said that i'm not usually graded on them *hmm*.

right i need to go chill.. later.
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