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Friday, December 09, 2005
*is still tired*
Man i'm wrecked... got back from work 'n going out for dinner with dad last night and then pretty much immediately went to bed 'n fell asleep which is why you didn't (again) get an update... sorry about that.

Blah - it's just been a busy couple of days again... trying to get going with the next assignment, which i'm hoping to finish either today or tomorrow and then college all day yesterday again followed by work etc... oh yes, and the bust up between Kat and Emily... what joy. Sometimes i wonder... i really do.

Anyway - that aside yesterday was pretty crappy, coz i got my first assignment mark back... don't get me wrong it was a pass, an ok pass at best, but not my greatest. (which in all honesty with this term being so manic 'n hard i'll be happy if i just PASS my assignments this term) but when i got my feedback form it turns out that the reasons for giving me the marks that i got are things like not having a complete balanced view 'n using only one method, 'n not defining the terms more clearly 'n not having a personal youth work relevance... the problem with this, is that i was actually TOLD by the other module lecturer (the course leader) that he didnt' WANT me to do the above things as he would prefer me to use ONE method to demonstrate that i could use it... you see the problem was that we had a HUGE issue to cover with only 1200 words which was insane... so i dunno what's going to happen. Hopefully they'll look at it again. It honestly wouldn't bother me had i not known the reasons for get such a compartively (to my usual grades) bad mark.

Anyway so yeh, that made yesterday crappy... that and the fact that i didn't get to see Narnia yet. I will though... probably at some point this weekend i reckon... but i really need to go 'n get these library book re:stamped for end of term... then that's me... I'll be stuck here for the rest of the day studying *joy*

roll on getting home... :(
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