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Wednesday, November 30, 2005
yesterday was a good day...
Morning NT class was good and then the afternoon class was ok... but we finished playing this game thing and my team won *grin* so that was fun... then dad and i went out for dinner (spicy prawn ceaser salad. niiiiiiiiiiiice) and then went to see HP4 - i know it's the 3rd time i've see it, but dad hadn't and it was the only one that wasn't starting too early or too late... i think he enjoyed it... especially th especial effects *hehe* it is a good film... didn't bother me seeing it a 3rd time... just as good as the first...
sooooooooooooo looking forward to narnia coming out next week though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

annnnnnnyway... so got back and talked to folk online for a bit and wasn't even remotely tired so I decided to make some more cards. Made another 9 - started some more baubles for folk back home that have been ordered through mum... will need to remember and finish them at some point.

But yeh took me ages to make myself get up this morning... but i'm going to MAKE myself sit and study for this essay this afternoon and then i have a meeting tonight... depending on whether i 'get into it' in the afternoon i may do some more studying when i get back... depending on the time of course.

ach i really dislike this part of my course... it's not so bad when it's a really good assignment, but neither of them have been particularly great this term... ah well - roll on the hoildays...
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