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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Have just finished my essay!!! *yay*!!!! it's been a nightmare, and i'm eternally grateful for those who have put up with me while i've been trying to do it over the past few days!!!! Hopefully it'll pass ok and i won't have to look at it ever again!!!!!

not much really happened today... classes all day... NT was really interesting... was all about the 'new perspective' on Paul... is quite 'messy' and complicated but was still quite interesting... then had our Matt Hall class in the afternoon... i'm telling you though that guy just seems to make things out to be soooooo much more complicated than they need to be - 99.9% of the time we're all sitting there thoroughly confused!!!!!!!! and the irony of is all is that he is trying to 'keep it simple' - makes you laugh really *hehe*

Anyway - so that aside... this is how it goes... spent the WHOLE evening doing this essay and having my mum check grammer 'n all sorts... but i think eventually it is done. Which means tomorrow i can concentrate on doing the churchy stuff i need to do, and it gives me a 'break' before i start getting books out etc for the next essay on Friday... you never know, i might actually treat myself to the cinema tomorrow night... that would be fun - i've managed to do this essay in record time so i reckon i deserve it!!! *hehe*

anyways... bed...
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