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Monday, November 28, 2005
yup... been reading the bbc new sites in a bid to yet again delay any actual study. Really not in the mood... but i really need to force myself into the mood... so once i've done this and brushed my teeth i HAVE to sit down and do some work. Not got many plans today... just study and other bits and pieces around the flat and then I also have to go to work tonight... which will be good. It always is. *grin*.

Right ok... so as i tried to explain to mum last night, yesterday started off fine, then got crap, then was okish, then was crap again and then was good and then even better... I'd say that was a fair summary... let me explain...

started off having to carry heavy carrier bags with bottles of juice etc for Anathallo at night to the bus stop (which is around a 5-10 min walk in itself) which isn't a huge deal... but i got there to then realise that i didn't have my mobile, something which i wasn't particularly bothered by at the time. The mobile is a luxary, not a necessity. So yeh... went to work and was setting everything up on my own as usual and chatting to various peeps and so on, and just 5 mins before the service was about to start i made some comment to Ann about the fact that Andy (the only other Bible Class leader for yesterday morning and the leader that was meant to be leading the session) hadn't actually shown face yet and she made some comment about him probably running late or something... but anyway, so I then went into the church where all of the young people were and I mentioned the fact that Andy wasn't here yet to George who was at the front getting ready to do the intimation and he mentioned that Ruth (who Andy would have been getting a lift to church with) was already sitting up at the back of the church... so i went to ask her where he was and she just looked at me and said 'he's ill in bed and not coming. he said he had texted you' *ARGH* - this is literally 30 secs before the service is about to start... Sheena had just come in and i told her what had happened and she offered to come out with me otherwise i wuld have been forced to cancel the session for Child Protection reasons. So then of course i quickly dash out of the church (and almost fall and break my neck to the yp's amusement on my way past the chancel) and have like 10 mins to come up with a lesson with out any of my usual resources... no computer, no books, nothing... i had a look in the church cupboard but wasn't wowed by any of it... so decided to do something similar to what i did with inspired on Thursday night but with different songs... so i got them to think about Christmas and our preception of christmas 'n stuff and then at the end got them to create a poster which allowed for them to show how they wished people would associate themselves with Christmas... so it was ok in the end i guess and i was extremely thankful that Sheena offered to come out with me... Just as well i had my ipod really... otherwise i wouldn't have had songs either.
So yeh after an ever so slightly stressful morning i got back to the flat to find a text message from andy but he hadn't sent it until like 10:15am by which time i was on the bus to work, so even if i had my phone i doubt i'd have been much better off... plus of course the fact that he had been ill before he'd gone to bed... part of me wishes he'd just have warned me the night before - that way i could have preped something a bit better... but that's jsut how it goes sometimes...
so when i eventually settled down in the afternoon after doing some other bits and pieces for church i was in no mood to study, so i didn't... can't actually remember what i did... i just remember feeling cold and wanting to snuggle up under the blankets... and i had not had work in less that an hour i probably would have!!!!!!
So, headed back to work... took my guitar so that i wouldn't have to take it tonight, and had to wait over 30 mins for a bus *less than impressed* and then when i eventually got to work I arrived in the williamson hall (which is the one that we have Anathallo in) to find that the last occupants of the hall had left it with glitter, fluff, bits of paper and all sorts of skank all over the floor... REALLY wasn't impressed by that... so had to go and find the hoover and attempt to hoover that up... 20 mins later and the carpet was still quite skanky... they had obviously rubbed it right into the carpet... mingin'. I dunno what it is... but i've always been brought up that if you make a mess then you clean it up... am i the only one who does this in the church?! annnnnnnnnyway, so then i decided to set up the projector and laptop etc to find that the individual who had borrowed Anathallo's adaptor on Monday night had not returned it to its original place and neither Iain, Harvey nor I knew where it was or could find it anywher in the church... *again less than impressed* am i the only person who borrows things and then puts them back where i got them??? So yeh... phoned Heather and got her to take an extension block with her... so that was fine although still need to find the other one... then Heather arrived and we prayed... i managed to break one of the bean bags... i think we're gonna empty out some of the balls coz thats the second one thats gone - i reckon they're maybe just too full.... anyway she was shattered having just come back from a CU weekend... in fact she was quite funny - i swear she almost felll asleep during the service a couple of times *hehe* but me and pammie were up for prodding her every so often *wink* Service was ok... but i was cold and tired and just... i dunno. But then we went through for Anathallo and got everything sorted and from that moment on both of us we full of energy and completely going for it... was great and Heather's first go at leading the session was good and we had great group discussion times...
So yeh - i enjoyed it... was fabby *grin* especially having one of the guys in my group - he was a laugh... so was good night in the end, and then the nice bus driver stopped for me even though i wasn't quite at the bus stop which i thought was nice...
so that was pretty much my day....

came back here - got back late and made dinner - spoke to mum on the phone 'n made some more cards coz i was no longer sleepy, while of course watching 'Cheaper by the Dozen' which was an ok film... but yeh think i made another 10 cards last night - so not doing too badly...
But yeh... i should go start studying..
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