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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
ok... so it's been yet another busy day... doesn't feel like i've done all that much... but i've not stopped all day *ick*

Was in class all morning... wasn't the most inspiring class of all time, and in all honesty i wish they had just given us the time to study and work on our assignments *grr* but yeah whatever... was shattered when i got up - no idea why... then didn't have class this afternoon, so i straightened my hair and then did my workplans and ref report for friday... wanted to get them out of the way so that i could spend some time on my assignment 'uninterrupted' over the next couple of days... So yeh. didn't finish them and send them off to Cherie until just now... but they're done and out of my hair now so that's nice... also had a load of other bits and pieces to do for church 'n for my extra placement in the 3rd term... i swear they get us to sort that out earlier every year! Anyway the result is that i AGAIN didn't get a chance to work on my cultural context assignment... but that will be tomorrow mornings job. It has to be. I have a meeting from 1-4pm so i need to figure out the main stuff that i'm gonna say before i go to that. Blah. ach i dunno... 'tis madness. I suddenly feel like i'm really tooooo busy again... ach well.

anyway - so was also invited out for dinner with Auntie Alison and Uncle Alan... was nice to see them and chat 'n stuff... good food too *grins* then headed off to work. Was the GB Christmas Fayre tonight so i hung around at that for a while and the girls played about with the video camera... so hopefully i'll have some footage which i'll be able to use for my presentation in January... Hmmm...

Anyway i'm realllllllllly tired *doesn't know why* and i need to get up at a decent time if i'm gonna be able to do any work in the morning... so i'm off...
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