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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
a day off...
well at least i'm hoping i'm gonna manage to keep this as much as a day off as possible... Got a few meetings as well as groups 'n stuff from tomorrow onwards for the rest of the week... and somehow (through my own unfortunate bad planning i guess) I have ended up having to prepare both Bible Class (morning) and Anathallo (evening) sessions for Sunday this week... ooop. Ah well... just means no outings for me on Sunday afternoon *heh*...

Anyway - so things are going ok... they're just busy.... Not been all that fabulous health wise... been back to doc... on top of it all i've been feelin sick these past couple of days... apparently there's something going about... but i dunno if it's a bug thing or just another piece of the puzzle... i have no idea.

Am watching prison break at the moment *grins* hehe...

Kat came to stay last week... was nice to have her about *grins* i also had the car... although i didn't use it all that much in all honesty... between feelin dizzy 'n not being able to use it due to being busy i just didn't get to use it much... *shrugs* was good to have though... and the times i did use it i was very grateful that i had it!!!!!

Anyway... it's all good i guess... just lying low today...
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Sunday, October 22, 2006
oooo i'm sore...
well.... yesterday I spent the whole day at a ramble with the church's ramblers... was good fun... wet under foot, but didn't rain... and it was, it was good... glad i made myself get up and go... was a really long walk though... was up past Callander which meant we were goin up the same road we went up in order to get to Ardonaig last weekend *heheh* only downside of course is that i'm aching today... legs and shoulders in particular... oh well... got a long day ahead of me today also which probably wasn't so wise... but oh well. Just about to head off to church 'n then we have a short practice for Youth Band after church since we can't practice tomorrow night 'n then I've been invited out to a young person's house for lunch... then i'll have to do a mad rush to ASDA (ooo isn't it handy that i have the car?!) to get junky food stuffs for Anathallo and also set up at the church.... well it's not actually anathallo tonight at all, it's just a general social - although i'm not overly sure that many more than the usual anathallo lot will come... *shrugs* we're having a quiz night with big hall games at the end *grins* it'll be a laugh anyways...

Anyway i should probably go pack the car - got a lot of stuff to take with me this morning *another reason for being very grateful for the car today*
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Thursday, October 19, 2006
where is all the time going?
oh dear oh dear oh dear.... i'm really not sure where all my time is going at the moment - at this rate i'm going to have to spend all of tomorrow doing prep. and i mean all of tomorrow... which kinda sucks. you never know, i may get back tonight and be wide awake and ready and willing to get some of it done... yesterday was just crazy - was at the minister's house for a meeting in the morning and then ended up lending an ear to a friend... and then spent the rest of the day doing prep and getting the flat ready for all the kids coming over for a craft/social night... so yes... and by dinner time a classic headache had started... it held off not tooooo bad during the kids being here, but afterwards it was awful. ick.

today i've been clearing up from last night and cleaning up a bit in preparation for a visit from mum 'n dad 'n alan 'n lynda 'n morag 'n john.... they're all off on a cruise tomorrow morning... but they fly from Glasgow... which means a car for me for the week..... *grins* anyway - once they're sorted i'm sorta hoping to be able to go to WIG tonight... i miss that i can't go... (normally work thursday nights) but yeh.

I haven't even watched the X factor from the weekend yet! *eek* oh my. Yup i'm seeing tomorrow being a me and work day... oh well...
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
the life of a cheetah...
wow the last few days have been crazy... crazy as in the time has flown past and crazy as in it's been really really busy!!!

Since Friday.... well... i spent the morning attempting to do some personal 'errands' although didn't get all that far coz the time just went like *that*. Then I went over to Geo's to try 'n convert all of the pic files from .bmp files to .jpeg fils so that they weren't so huge, only to find that 2 thirds of the pics we had spent almost 2 hours scanning into the laptop a few days before had disappeared into thin air.... no matter what i did i couldn't find them *hates pc's* so yeh... as i was doing that my headache grew with avengence, to the point that i ended up eventually on Sheena's couch with my head down and hood up trying to salvage myself a bit having taken a pill... got there eventually 'n we watched some saturday night tv - so that was ok i guess... am not convinced by the seletion on X factor though *shrugs*

Anyway - Sunday was ok... we did a blind obstacle course with the kids *hehe* that was fun... and after a whole load of running about manically doing things and seeing people i headed home to the flat to attempt to lie down for a bit so that i could steady myself for leading Anathallo in the evening... I had a great group... was a good laugh *hehe* - "i'm daisy! not david!!" *hehe* it was just good fun... but at the same time for some of hte young people some of the stuff we were talking about (even if it was stuff they already knew - we're doing a refreshers at the moment) really helped them and touched them 'n stuff, and it was just really good... so yeh. Then i had to head home and wait for dad 'n Phil to come .... they didn't come till almost 1am - so was shattered!!!!!

Me 'n Phil went to his art exhibition thing on the Monday morning... they're displaying some of the portfolio's from all of the art exams from last year, 'n phils was chosen to be among them... so that was cool 'n we had a nice wee bit of random time *hehe* Then we headed back to the flat for lunch before heading out to Sheena 'n Geo's to take Molly the dog for a walk... man she's soooo lazy!! *hehe* was nice though. 'n we talked to them for a bit before heading home to the flat to make dinner for dad getting back *grins* Oooooooooooo and then we had youth band which was soo good... phil took his drums down from Kemnay and it was nice just to have a drummer there for a change - especially one that has experience in playing along with worship songs... =) so yeah... another averagely late nite followed by another early morning of getting up to get the train north... met Fi and mum in town 'n then we headed to the shops... got a couple of tops which are surprisingly girlie but still surprisingly suit me!!! *heh* then it was the mad dash home to get ready for my Aunt and Uncle's Silver Weddning... was a lovely meal and was good to catch up with my cousins 'n stuff... =) nice to be amoung family again like that... looking forward to Christmas now!!!!! *grins*

This morning however has been a nice lazy day so far... and i'm loving it! Head back to Glasgow tonight with dad though... 'n then back to my normal work routine tomorrow.....
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Friday, October 06, 2006
my head is sore again... *doh* ach well it happens i guess.... spent the whole day doing prep for Anathallo on Sunday as well as some other general bits and pieces for work... Then was at BB all night - was a good laugh... although i don't think I've ever seen the leaders being so disciplined with the boys.... nice to see to be honest, coz some of them would just walk all over them otherwise... there's always that wee few that cause issues amongst the 'nice' boys who usually do as asked... But yeh... all good.

Was gonna go on a ramble with the ramblers group and the Jnr BB tomorrow... but have decided to opt for a nice cosy flat and some mindless tv... i won't be any company if i have to run around after many little boys with a continuing headache... even worse if it was wet.....

but yeh... then i'll be off to Sheena's for some mindless saturday tv watching - we seem to have aquired a taste for the X factor sadly enough... *heh* ah well... all good fun. It's really windy here - not liking that so much!

Anyway - went to see 'World Trade Centre' with dad the other night... was rather a thought provoking film really... not distastefully done, and i'd completely recommend it to anyone... we were walking out of the cinema screen though and there was a girl in front of us chatting to her friend about the film... and one comment that really stuck out at me was this...

but why did they have to bring GOD into it?!

i think it's just so sad... Without God - whatever your perception of God is, how can there be hope in the world? I just think it's so sad when you hear people react to God like that... really sad... If anything certain parts of the film really were a demonstration of how God can give hope even at the most seemingly hopeless of times... it's just sad when people shun it.

Without wavering, let us hold tightly to the hope we say we have, for God can be trusted to keep his promise. - Hebrews 10:23

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
oh so tired...
man i'm knackered this morning - like every other morning i guess *heh* - i thought sleep was meant to be refreshing?!?!?!?!

Anyyyyyyyyyyyyyyywwwwwwayyyyy... It's been an ok few days... Still no managed to fill my craft tower yet (which dad made a point of pointing out to me when he got here last night) and I got dad a pepper mill with 'proper' pepper in it... lets not say that i don't spoil him when he's down to stay please! xP We had a really nice dinner last night actually... would be nice to say that i made it completely from scratch myself though - it'll come one day i'm sure...

Anyway - highlights have got to include....
+ Steve being drawn on the face by Phil with permanent marker pen as part of a 'Mercy' icebreaker at Bible Class on Sunday - Well Phil certainly didn't show any! *eeeeek*
+ Sheena having a relatively 'better' couple of days after an awful week.
+ dad asking ME for a spanner last night *falls about laughing*
+ dad not actually noticing the pepper mill was a new one (especially for him i may add - i don't use it *heh*)
+ finally figuring out a way to solve a problem i was having with Geo's pc yesterday - it's at times like this that i'm reminded exactly WHY i opted for a mac, and not a stupid stupid PC!!!!!
+ GB last night - they were doing presentations on Aberdeen and i ended up being adopted into a squad to talk about the northern lights and in the end we won *grins*
+ the thought that the wee newbies in the junior Bible Class (who are all boys that have an inability to be quiet and tend to be hyper active) may actually have been listening to what i was saying to them during hte lesson at Bible Class on Sunday morning - they were quiet through choice *shock*

anyway... todays an uber busy day although its really meant to be my day off... but the minister is just back from the states and this is his only free morning before the weekend - so i'm going for a meeting (it all piles up over a wee or so you know!!) and lunch *grins* before heading off into the city to meet Kirsten 'n then me 'n dad are having dinner 'n going to see 'World Trade Centre'... so yeh... never stops!!!
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