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Sunday, October 22, 2006
oooo i'm sore...
well.... yesterday I spent the whole day at a ramble with the church's ramblers... was good fun... wet under foot, but didn't rain... and it was, it was good... glad i made myself get up and go... was a really long walk though... was up past Callander which meant we were goin up the same road we went up in order to get to Ardonaig last weekend *heheh* only downside of course is that i'm aching today... legs and shoulders in particular... oh well... got a long day ahead of me today also which probably wasn't so wise... but oh well. Just about to head off to church 'n then we have a short practice for Youth Band after church since we can't practice tomorrow night 'n then I've been invited out to a young person's house for lunch... then i'll have to do a mad rush to ASDA (ooo isn't it handy that i have the car?!) to get junky food stuffs for Anathallo and also set up at the church.... well it's not actually anathallo tonight at all, it's just a general social - although i'm not overly sure that many more than the usual anathallo lot will come... *shrugs* we're having a quiz night with big hall games at the end *grins* it'll be a laugh anyways...

Anyway i should probably go pack the car - got a lot of stuff to take with me this morning *another reason for being very grateful for the car today*
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