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Thursday, December 04, 2008
The weather man fails us again - LOL!
I woke up and was rather amused this morning... Because the weather forecasters had all been convinced that we were going to end up with masses of snow all of the young people that I talked to last night were all convinced they would be off school today - so when i woke up to discover that there had been no such snow it was rather amusing...

kinda sad though - i think it's just mostly wet - but cold. i don't mind as long as it doesn't freeze over again - it's been mental the last few days - every time i was out a walk with Abbie i risked breaking a limb coz the council haven't out salt on most of the pavements. Wisnae happy about that like. Perhaps its still as bad only wet on top - now THAT could be interesting.

Yesterday I had a day off... It was pleasant - i borrowed the car from George and went to the Glasgow Fort for some stuff that i needed... and walked around the big tesco in town that recently got bigger - lol. It takes like 10 times longer to browse now! It's crazy - but i had the time... so i indulged myself *grins* When I was at the Glasgow Fort though I was in clinton cards, and I found this little dude - we'll he wasn't actually that little he was probably 1.5-2ft tall... My fave! He's so cute!!! His name is sad sam, and I had a sad sam... but i lost him when I went to Norway with my family when i was 4... can you tell that i'm still emotionally traumatized from the experience??? *lol*

I also spent some time wrapping presents last night - you might ask 'why on earth were you doing that?!' - well my sister comes down on wednesday until friday next week, and she's taking all the presents for up north home with her in the car, coz i can't take it all on the train. But i don't have a huge amount of time to do a lot of wrapping between now and then, so as sad as it is, i needed to get it done yesterday *heh*

Anyway - at the moment i'm waiting for the postie and hoping that a wee parcel mum sent down on tuesday night will come - i'm not holding my breath though - we are talking about the royal mail LOL. BUt hopefully they'll come through for me. If not i'll be heading out into the village to see if i can get magic candles - the things you do for youthwork...

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