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Thursday, June 30, 2005
mmm well, yesterday i ordered an ipod *bounce* and last night i got the dispatch email *bounce* so very happy *grin* Other than that i didn't really do much last night. Em moved back into the flat, so i now have a neighbour again, which is cool, and other than that, all i did was clean my room (so it's clean for Phil coming to stay) and sit watching TV while chatting to Christina (new girl). So was gd i guess...

Just now however, i'm sitting waiting with Em for Neil (course leader) to come back so that we can get our marks off of him for the last two essays. We met him on the stairs as he was heading for lunch... conversation sorta went like this...

me: do you have our marks?
neil: *nods*
me: are they in our pigeon holes?
neil: *shakes head*
me: so do we have to come get them from you?
neil: *nods*

then he continues downstairs to go and get his lunch. He's apparently currently in the staff room having lunch... we've decided not to go and hunt him down, coz we don't want to 'aggrivate' him *lol*. So instead we're just waiting in the youth min room outside his office to see if he'll come back so we can actually get our marks... although i have a feeling they're going back into their meeting soon, so i dunno if that'll happen. Why couldn't he just have been organised enough to have posted our marks in our pigeon holes? duh.

ah well...
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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
there's a purple mark on one of my new t-shirts that i got for my birthday. I have NO idea how it got there, coz it wasn't there when i put it in the wash, and i've washed it again to see if it would come out and it didn't *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*
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well last night was a CLAN meeting... was really good. Tim talked and Ollie talked and it was just really inspiring amongst all the prep that we were doing. I also managed to put some more faces to names, and i now know who my seminar co-leader is... lol. ah well. And then on the way home i was in a car with Tim, Cherie, Rosey and MJ and we had good chats about all sorts of stuff... was really good. Got back really late though, so i was shattered by the time i got back.

mmm have decided i'm gonna buy me an ipod. They've not long released a new model which has a colour screen and radio 'n stuff so i'm thinking i'm gonna buy that with the money i got for my birthday *grin* man i've been waiting like 4 years since the ipod was created to get one. Waiting patiently i have to say *wink* but will be cool to listen to music on the go again.... not been able to do that for quite a while.

as for other things... today is the day that Em moves back into the flat... i heard through the grapevine (ie from G) that she's moving in tonight, so i guess i'll stick around to help her settle in and stuff. Other than that i just have various bits of prep and a few fonecalls that i really need to do today before I forget again... now that i'm a bit more relaxed i'm forgetting things really easily *hehe*. I guess i should probably clean up a bit in here too.. but at least it's not really hot again outside. it's overcast and cool, but to be honest, after the scortcher we had yesterday, i'm not minding!
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
coldplay *grin*
well, yesterday was a good, yet tiring day. Didn't get up until reaaaaally late, which was just insane, but i just didn't wake up. lol. was a good sleep though. Then Kat and I went for a walk into town and had a sandwich in George's Square with the pigeons 'n just sat and chatted for a while before going to some shops to get a couple of things... was nice just to do it at our own pace and not have to rush because we had to do stuff for college or work... Yeah, so then i had work... was our last night at Youth Band until after the summer, was a good session. Was also Heathers birthday so we had chocolate cake in the break 'n sang happy birthday *hehe* was gd. Heather also mentioned the concept of 'care groups' to the girls that are coming to mission with us. Man, i think they honeslty thought they could get through the week without speaking to anyone new. *LOL*. this could be an interesting week i think.

mmm yeah, so on the way back i went in past Tom and Doreen's with some chocolate and a card which i got all of the kids to sign. Tom was quite obviously bruised down his left side, but was up and abaout... but poor Doreeen really did look sore... she's broken her right shoulder and really didn't look too great at all.. BUt they appreciated the short visit and were joking about too which was good. Mary H was there too, so that was good. But anyway, i just hope they both feel a lot better soon.

once i got home i was helping kat look for clips for her band night on Friday. really should have goone to bed when i was really tired though. By the time i got to bed at 1am i couldn't sleep... was after 4am by the time i nodded off. Wasn't impressed at all coz it meant it was getting light in my bedroom again before i was sleeping *grrrrr* ah well.

anyway - not much plans for today... other than the fact that i have a meeting for CLAN tonight in Edinburgh... Tim picking me up later for it. Grateful for that coz it means less faffing about with public transport. But I guess before i go, i need to fine all of my CLAN papers and look at the seminar i'm meant to be doin with this dude called Mark. No idea who he is... hopefully i'll find him tonight at the meeting *hehe*. But anyway, other than that today is just gonna be a cleaning day me thinks.

Ooooooooooh forgot to say... got a late birthday pressie from Heather last night - the new coldplay album *grin* am well pleased... just listening to it now... *grin* anyway i suppose i should go get something to eat...
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Sunday, June 26, 2005
reflection and frustration.
well... i would put a whole rant on here, but i can't be bothered and well yeh.
Elevate was really good this morning... a guy called Billy who is a development worker for the Scottish Crusaders was speaking about having a passion for Jesus, and it was just a really good session. *grin*
tonight wasn't... but i'm not going to get into that rant.
so yeah, rooms a bit of a state from cards craft stuff so i guess i should go and clean that up :S
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Friday, June 24, 2005
it's been a busy day. was up early for school placement. last day today. was good. the kids made me a thank you card - was nice *grin* then food shopped, then did a bit of clothes shoping but didn't really see anything i liked *typical* then took dad out for his Father's Day dinner, was good. We also went to Wesley Owen and i bought 'the source 3' looks like a good book... will be playing songs out of there tomorrow no doubt.

group was good tonight too, but i'm just soooooooooooooooo tired. but yeah... need to sleep.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Day off... *haha*
yeah so today is meant to be my 'day off' but so far i've been trying to get in contact with Iain (who it turns out is in Crieff so i'll have to wait until either tonight or tomorrow anyway) coz he's signed me up for something (and my kids who i'd like to point out probably would NOT have been happy with it) at a big Church of Scotland event in September, even though he knows that i'm going to be in Dundee that weekend. Have been a bit miffed about it, but anyway i'll speak to him later about it.

Also been sorting out Youth articles for the next church magazine, which isn't until Autumn sometime, but I wanted to get the young folk writing them sooner rather than later so that i'm not asking them at the last minute and getting them and myself stressed. Got 10 possible articles, some of which i'll get them to do for the Christmas edition, but i think we'll make a good appearance in the magazine over the next year *grin*. At least the church won't be able to plead ignorance to the stuff that we do.

Anyway the plan for the rest of the day... well i don't really have one. Cleaned my room last night, and i mean REALLY cleaned it... i even cleaned the windows!!!!! SO it's nice and clean now except from 2 piles of booklets and papers that i need to file... But i've decided that i can do that tomorrow cos today is my rest day. Think i'll probably head down to the shops at some point to put money into the bank 'n many do some shopping, but I think i'll leave that till later when it'll hopefully be cooler coz the sun's out pretty strong at the moment and my skin is more sensitive than it used to be *doh*.

anyway - later.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
end of 2nd year...
sorry... i notice it's been a week since i last updated on here *oops* although i have been updating my GJ every day more or less... But yeah, handed in last essay of the term (and year) this morning. Feels soooooooo good. Hopefully I won't have any resits *grin* Also got the marks back for my last reflection of the term and i got another 72 - so am well pleased *grin*

So yeah - had a good weekend... went to see Grandma in hospital which i think cheered her up a bit and then also got to spend a couple of days at home with my parents and phil 'n fiona and richard too, so that was all a bonus... Was VERY funny with dad and Phil too... i won't go into details, but lets just say that things escalated so high that i'm just waiting for dad to react *hehe*

but yeah, so I have my new bookcase up so my books aren't lying in piles anymore. Dad came and fixed it for me on Wednesday *grin*. Think i'm gonna use my money that i've accumulated for study related stuff from church etc to buy me some core texts from this year and perhaps some for next, so they'll add to my collection. My room is currently a state though... coz lets face it, in the last 2 weeks, I've read for and written 3 essays, had a birthday (so there's cards 'n all sorts everywhere) and have been home (therefore my unpacked bag is waiting to be unpacked...) so yeah, it's a state. I've been soo busy that i just haven't had the time.

Oh yeah, and when i got back Phil the caretaker had fixed my roof in the toilet... so i don't have a whole there anymore... and my back is a lot better, so although it could have been nasty, it's turned out ok afterall *grin* (if you're confused by this paragraph then check out last wednesday entry on my other journal).

ok so i suppose i should stop stalling... Will go and get some toast in a minute me thinks... Got end of year worship in an hour and i'll have to take me library books back to the library too - although i think i've lost one - i'm SURE i had 10 books, not 9... ah well *confused*
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
mmmmm nice smell. Sitting 'writing an essay' and my birthday flower are sitting next to me and they smell sooooo nice... i should take a pic if i remember. Anyway like i said, trying to write more of my schools placement essay.

*oooooooooh just been invited to a sleepover with the girls the night before graduation - bounce*

Anyway, back to the point... i was gonna tell you about Frenzy 'n stuff.... well, essentially it was AWESOME!!!!!! I loved it, dad loved it, Phil loved it, Richard loved it, my young people thought it was so amazing they didn't want to go home... so was it worth all the extra hassle?? I'd say yes... If you want a more detailed description then go to my journal (TLT's adventure) you'll see the link on the right hand side of this page... -->

oooooh text message *runs away to look at it*
ah was mum... yeah, the pants news for today, is that they've changed grandma's op date AGAIN. *grrrr* She was meant to be getting it today but apparently some specialist equipment hadn't arrived from London yet, so it's now going to be THURSDAY at the earliest *stinks*. At this rate she'll still be in hospital by the time i get back to see her *mmm*.

Anyway - as i was saying, between Frenzy and then Catalyst too it was an awesome weekend, God was indeed lifted high and I know i took a step closer to God, and it's soooo obvious that my young people did too. God it good!

but yeah, i guess i shoudl get back to this essay. Nay happy this morning, coz it turns out we had reading to do for this afternoons class, but the person who was given the responsibility of handing it out, didn't, well not to everyone anyway. And i can't even get a hold of the class lecturer to get a copy *grrr* ah well, i'm gonna photocopy a friends set after class later. As for now... back to the essay i thinks.
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Saturday, June 11, 2005
Ah well, has been my birthday... the whole trying to make it going quietly without people noticing has pretty much not worked. We went to see millions tonight (god film btw, def recommend it!) and that was a diversion as my parents set up food 'n stuff back at the flat for another surprise gathering... this time with college friends. Was good. Plus we had chocolate cake *yum*
Then of course i got lots of pressies from friends back home 'n my parents 'n stuff... so my room is currently a bombsite for cards, 'n pressies... LOL!
so it's good.


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Thursday, June 09, 2005

so yeah... placement was fine today... in fact i was sent home early, but that's another story. Was good though coz it gave me time to do other things that i really needed to do.
But anyway - headed off as usual to Sheena's for my sup meeting with George before group. Was good. And they gave me flowers 'n birthday cake 'n stuff. Was nice. *grin*
then stumbled into a surprise party organised by my yp at group. Was good *grin* We chilled 'n had a laugh and they gave me lots of pressies.
So yeah, it's been a good day. Tired now though *hehe*
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am up early for schools placement... will have to leave in half an hour. I'm quite enjoying this placement, but having to get up stupidy early only once a week is driving me nuts!!!! It's different if you have to get up this early everyday and then sleep in at the weekends, but only one day a week is chronic coz it puts you out of your pattern all of the time. *doh* Ah well. So yeah anyway... Have managed to finish my Y222 essay, so that's 1 out of 3 complete. Got to get some info from the school today and then i'll be able to start Y296 (placement essay) and hopefully i'll be able to write quite a bit of that tomorrow, and then finish it off at the beginning of next week. So yeah, i'm slowly winning the war against assignments. *yay* Am tired though. Would quite like to go back to bed. But i'll get over it once i'm at the school. Only 3 weeks including today left *yay* (which is actually 3 days) and i'm looking forward to the end and losing the early mornings!!!!!!!
Spent last night doing prep for the SSS on Sunday. All the kids need a wee box for the craft, so instead of buying loads of wee boxes i decided to make them. Quite theraputic, but quite time consuming also. Have only made 12 boxes and that took me between 1-2 hours. Will need to do at least another 12 i reckon. Might do that tonight and get it out of the way, We'll see. Its quite awkward not being able to do last minute prep on Saturday because of frenzy, but oh well, c'est las vie. *remembers something* ah well, i'll fone her later.

Anyway - i should get ready to head off.
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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Grandma had a bit of a fall yesterday *doh* - managed to break her leg just below the hip bone, which means that she's gonna have to have quite a big op to fix it and replace the hip again!!! doh.

today the youth band played at the service this morning and they did really well - was gd :-D Heather, Andrew and Andy also joined the church, so was a happy day. We all went to the manse for lunch, so met lots of folk i didn't know, then chilled with Heather at the Strong's watching the tennis... was most amusing. Not really done much else, although i think i lost a form one of my yp gave me this morning, which is most annoying coz it means i'm gonna have to get the yp to fill it out again *doh*

ah well.

essay bliss this week, duh.
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Friday, June 03, 2005
sitting watching ER season 2 - *grin* the gap between season 1 and 4 is being filled again *lol* It's been an interesting day i guess, did the usual for a friday i.e. washing and hoovering etc, so i have a clean room now, even if the hoover is still sitting on my floor *duh*

Also had a ref report to do, so got that done, then did my SAAS form, just have to remember and post it off with my sig on *hehe* and have spent a good bit of time tonight doing outlines and essay plans for 2 of my essays. I need research info for both, so although i'll start writing one of them this weekend, i'll be able to finish neither, which kinda sucks, but it'll be good to at least have started. This is the part of my course which i hate. *blah*

Is dad's birthday today *grin* I went out for food with him to Pronto's last night before work. Gave him his pressie, which he opened and was most amused by *hehe* mum... ENJOY *grin*

ah well, i suppose i should get back to these essays *blah*
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
well i've got a load of studying to do but feeling extremely unmotivated at the moment *blah* got 3 essays to hand in over the next 3 weeks. is madness. But i'm sure i'll manage. Just a pass would keep me happy.
but yeah not much happening, might go to the cinema later, but we'll see... Dad's flight gets in at 9pm, unless he manages to get an earlier one... so you never know i might get to see him tonight...
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