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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Christianity Explored

So... right... at work I'm currently going along to the 'Christianity Explored' course - obviously not because i don't know who Jesus is *heh* but just coz we're hoping to create a group for my age roughly out of it... it's been good. Working our way through the Gospel of Mark - and there are some folk who are actually there's to explore the Christian faith - so it makes the discussions really interesting.

Anyway - I was in the city centre today and the Tron Church which is right in the centre on Buchanan Street is getting renovated at the moment.. and while i was walking down the road I was turning the corner and saw that they had some sort of huge advert on the scaffolding on the back of the church... all i saw to start with was '...surance' and wondered to myself 'that's odd a church advertising a secular insurance company' but when i saw the advert in full view it made me smile loads... I thought i was rather clever!!! hehehe... surely folks walking around that Church aren't missing THAT advert!!! C'mon for indirect evangelism!!!! *grins*

Anyway - i'm slowly getting myself sorted for Glenshee this weekend - tomorrow is gonna be my day for finalising my talk for Saturday evening etc though... so it's all good =)

Linda over and out...

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Things are rather hectic here in Glasvegas at the moment if truth be told... time seems to be disappears sooo fast!!! I'm feeling a bit more calm today though as i've actually managed to have a productive afternoon relatively free of interruption... I have 3 meetings tonight tho - all running into one kind of big meeting. Crazy biscuits. and afterwards we're meant to be going for Curry.

... I'd quite like to sleep actually. that would be nice.

Anyway - so trying really hard to get everything on track for Glenshee this weekend... Kids are hyper, always a good sign. I've managed to get a lot of the little things sorted today, which is good. Got the minor *cough* matter of sorting out 2 of the sessions one of which i'm speaking at... i know what's happening pretty much - but really need to sort the details. ooo and i need to get a guitar strap. I keep forgetting. Someone remind me before the weekend please?
ooo and DV tapes for the camera... hmm i wonder where the camera is...

I have a distinct feeling that i'm going to get there this weekend and have forgotten something 'important'. heh.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
A lazy day... so far.
Well i've had a lovely relaxing morning sleeping and then watching SG-1... It's been nice to relax a bit after such a busy couple of days. Its nice to have this kind of flexibility with my job here in Bishopbriggs.

For those of you who do not know... Stargate SG-1 is a fabby programme... It's sci-fi which isn't always a favourite of mine. I'm not all that much of a fan of star trek or anything like that. But I love the humour that often comes out of this programme, and what makes it even better is the lack of bad language *grins* It makes me sad that so many tv programmes these days are full of bad language or in appropriate humour. It saddens me further that a lot of Christians in the world don't seem to see the damage that such programmes with such vulgar content are causing in our society and even watch these things themselves, often with their children, helping them to learn that there is nothing wrong with such things. It results in these young people acting and speaking in a way that mirrors what they see in such programmes etc rather than following Christ's example.

I know that Jesus didn't have TV... but if he did would he have chosen to watch half of the rubbish that we do? Why are we so quick to wear a W.W.J.D? bracelet, yet not actually put it into practice? Sometimes I just wonder how much we actually want to be shining Christ's light into the world. We seem to just do it when we want to. Not when it counts. TO take a stand and not watch these things is often see as fanaticism or radicalism. But is it? Even if it is, would that mean we shouldn't do it?

My answer would be no. We shouldn't do it. We spend all our time filling our minds and heads with complete guff and rubbish. Stuff that I know God probably isn't too happy with. But somehow we've managed to convince ourselves that it's ok. It's fine. "Everyone does it" is one of the things that come to mind if there's even a slight hesitation. But does that make it ok? No. In Romans 12 Paul calls the Romans not to conform to the behaviour of the world but to allow God to transform them by the renewing of their mind. Sounds a bit new-agey, although it's not. It's about allowing God to work in us and through us so that we can recognise these damaging things and then avoid them.

Is it just me, or are we albeit subconsciously, giving in too easily? Are we, in a state of apathy just not trying anymore? Exactly what example are we setting?

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Snow in Glasgow...

Loooooook - we had snow!!!! I fear it may be gone by the morning however as it was kinda raining tonight when i got back from GB... But we've had snow none-the-less and the yp have loved it!

As you can see, Abbie also loved it!!! We had some snow last week... which left rather quickly... but on Sunday night we had loads of snow which fell over a couple of hours while we were at Elevate - needless to say, after the event finished the yp and leaders had a wonderful time having a massive snowball fight.. =D And i know that a lot of my yp have been out in the snow every day after school playing and sledging since... So yeh... all in all they've been having a wonderful time... Not quite the same amount of snow which is parr for the course in Kemnay - but a decent amount all the same.. Am hoping that we'll have a decent amount of snow etc for our youth weekend in Glenshee next weekend too which is looking likely... Going up the big hills for sledging and snow ball fights are often a highlight for many of the young people as they just don't get snow as deep etc here in B'briggs.

BUt yes.. it's been a busy while of late... I think Abbie is managing to keep up with me, just... LOL... We were 'child-sitting' for a couple of the parents at church on Friday evening after the BB, so that was good... although by 1am Abbie just wanted to sleep - bless her... she is very cute when she's sleeping tho LOL.

I was at GB this evening... was really good. One of the officers and I are doing the Spiritual Badge work at the moment and it's been really encouraging. The girls are really responding to what we're doing... I discovered at the beginning of the series that somehow 4 of the girls had managed to be in the Brigader's section (S1-S6) without bibles... this usually doesn't happen coz they all get bibles when they go from the Explorer section (P1-3) to the Junior section (P4-7)... but these girls hadn't been explorers and for some reason it had never come to light before that they didn't have bibles which surprised me somewhat... So i managed to get them some youth bibles and have been really pleased to see them remembering to take them for the sessions each week and using them... hopefully that'll continue!

It's certainly all fun and games in the land of Linda...

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Saturday, February 07, 2009
man i'm totally failing at keeping this up to date... I would promise to try harder but thats just likely to end up in a fail. LOL. Lots been happening - had a fab Christmas - had to decide whether i'm going to stay in Kenmure for another year or not (I am =D ) and been to 2 training weekends... and that's on top of the usual crazy busy-ness!

Have currently revived my quirky obsession for Stargate SG-1... Was most displeased to find that amazon and other random online stores have all hiked the prices of the boxsets up again have years of them being dirt cheap. But there you go...

I'm working through the bible using a chronological day-by-day version that i was given for my Christmas... So far i've read genesis and parts of chronicles and Job... now in Exodus...

I'm currently fascinated by this... I know one of the folk doing it - she's coming to speak at our Youth Event Elevate this tomorrow night... but yeh... i'm glad i'm not doing it... i'd never survive on 10litres a day... but there are folk who live on that or less and that's the scary thing. =( We just take water for granted far too much...

But yeah... i'm meant to be in bed asleep - got a long day tomorrow, so i should probably get on with that.

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