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Saturday, February 07, 2009
man i'm totally failing at keeping this up to date... I would promise to try harder but thats just likely to end up in a fail. LOL. Lots been happening - had a fab Christmas - had to decide whether i'm going to stay in Kenmure for another year or not (I am =D ) and been to 2 training weekends... and that's on top of the usual crazy busy-ness!

Have currently revived my quirky obsession for Stargate SG-1... Was most displeased to find that amazon and other random online stores have all hiked the prices of the boxsets up again have years of them being dirt cheap. But there you go...

I'm working through the bible using a chronological day-by-day version that i was given for my Christmas... So far i've read genesis and parts of chronicles and Job... now in Exodus...

I'm currently fascinated by this... I know one of the folk doing it - she's coming to speak at our Youth Event Elevate this tomorrow night... but yeh... i'm glad i'm not doing it... i'd never survive on 10litres a day... but there are folk who live on that or less and that's the scary thing. =( We just take water for granted far too much...

But yeah... i'm meant to be in bed asleep - got a long day tomorrow, so i should probably get on with that.

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