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Thursday, June 03, 2010
Yep its decided = i'm pretty much decided that I prefer being cold to being hot. It's soooo hot outside, which is fine, but i'm far more enjoying the coolness of my flat. And when I walked into the wee tesco down the road earlier to get stamps it was a beautiful feeling walking into the aircon.

I wonder how on earth I'm going to survive in Uganda where something like aircon will def not exist. I know Jen's told me before that you do actually acclimatise... thats a gd thing I suppose... altho I do not think that I am a normal person when it comes to being able to cope with heat. heh.

Anyway - we're getting there (slowly) with getting things sorted for going away. Met some of the group of 4 that are coming with us from Duncancraig High School on Tuesday night, so that's something, and at long last i've managed to get around to sorting out my travel Insurance... Have even managed to get some bits 'n bobs clothes-wise which is gd... Now i have to find a way of asking my bank for £200 of VERY good condition BANK OF ENGLAND notes... Apparently thats what you use to exchange your money in Uganda... also need to get me some Euros - perhaps I can nick some off of dad seeing as I gave him 30 Euros after I got back from Corfu a couple of years back... LOL

oh yeh, and insect repellant - deet spray apparently - can't decide whether I should get the 60ml or 120ml bottle tho? any takers? Can get that off of amazon tho, so no big deal there.

Passport away to get visa at the moment - so thats fine...

My sister's getting me my Malarone (Anti-malarials)

hmmm. Can't think of what else I need to do... it is getting crazily close tho.. 33 days - eeeeeeeep.

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