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Sunday, January 29, 2006
ok so i'm still coughing... apparently this thing is going around and the cough lasts for ages *argh*
today has been ok...
Elder visit to Anathallo went better than i could ever have imagined... bit worried about a couple of my yp though... one in particular *hmmm*
Hopefully everyone will be back on form at band tomorrow night though... God is doing good things... it's quality, not quantity....
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Saturday, January 28, 2006
ER, O where art thou?

awww mannnnnn.... it's not like they're shooting the episodes over, so why on earth is it taking them sooooo long to get the next season of ER out on DVD???? I mean really... is it that difficult??? Although i did come across a thing on a forum which suggested that it can't be too long now coz the BBFC have ok'd the extras for the boxset... They did that a couple of weeks ago... so that hopefully means that it won't be tooooo long before its out to buy... Need to keep my eyes on the online sites... will defo be keeping some Christmas money for that!!!!

So other than the above 'rant' today has been pretty slow... Not done much... Wanted to go out and get chocolate soooo many times but have thus far managed not to give into temptation... Haven't done any studying... but it's not that big a deal... This coming week is a study week, so i should have plenty of time seeing as we only have to be at 1 out of the 4 classes over the 2 days. I'm planning for Wednesday to be a me and God day i think... Well at least i hope that it turns out to be a me and God day.... After Catalyst last Sunday night i really felt challenged to spend more quality time alone with God... So yeh.

Anyways... so i spent most of the day watching ER episodes while making Thank you cards for all the pressies I got for Christmas... I know it's a bit late, but that's just how busy i've been.... I've been good at making myself have time to take off this weekend... Still have this stupid cough... but it's fine if i don't start coughing... but once i start, well it's just annoying. It's worse in the mornings though - but i guess that's just parr for the course. I have my trusty covonia now (Fiona aren't you proud?!) so hopefully it'll disappear in the next couple of days and I can get back to being a crazed and overworked student who never gets ill. *looks hopeful*

So it's quite good.... i'm not leading the Bible Class tomorrow so i have no prep to do... I am however leading Anathallo tomorrow night, and the elders are visiting *slight argh - but it has to happen some time*... we're talking about who the Holy Spirit is... should be interesting i think... I think i'll spend some extra time doing prep for it inbetween church 'n the evening service tomorrow... I know that this is something that the young people have been asking lots of questions about as we've been going through the Alpha course, so I know that it's important for me to tell them as much as I can... But it's slightly awkward having the elders there, coz as we all know sometimes folk for the CofS tend to find the Holy Spirit somewhat of a taboo... So i have to tread the fine line of answering the yp's questions as honestly as I can, but also making sure that i'm remaining sensitive to the elders present. Although having said that, the 2 elders we have assigned are both great guys and they both seemed pretty open-minded most of the time... so we'll just have to wait 'n see...

You know, i'm sitting here looking around my room and realising just how much stuff i've accumulated over the past 2 and a half years... i really am going to need a removal truck to move all of my stuff... to whereever that may be... I still haven't actually written up my CV you know... I guess that's going to have to be next weekends job. I had originally planned to do it at Christmas but it just didn't happen between one thing and another... it's been a manic few months!!

Right well... i'm off to break into the next season of ER...
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Friday, January 27, 2006
The Glasgow Subway Challenge...
Righteho... so i'm up... was in bed early... was in bed by about 9:30pm, and its wasn't that long before i was sleeping... Iain was being extremely loud with his laughing as usual... and i would probably have got up and told them to shut up had i not been so sleepy.
Had a lazy morning this morning so far... except for the fact that i went into the kitchen to get some breakfast only to be greeted by the mingingness of our kitchen. I snapped. Scrubbed the whole thing from top to bottom, and then had my breakfast..

just about to hoover my room before Ch comes over for lunch... but i was on the impact forum, and this had appeared... I'd advise you to read the explanation and then watch the video!! Is wellllllllllllllllll cool!!! *hehe*

The Glasgow Subway Challenge

Anyone else think that they can beat it?

Ah the wonders of the procrastination of students *hehe*
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Thursday, January 26, 2006
no work :(
so i ended up cancelling work tonight... Decided i needed the time out... Like i said before i hardly slept last night because i was coughing loads... and because i was feeling so tired it left me feeling pewky on top of the cough... so i've been feeling pretty rough all day... got through classes though - just. But i decided that it really wasn't worth going out... most of the yp are still doing exams, so there wouldn't have been a huge group anyways.

So instead i've been lying about in my room... did some mind numbing bits 'n pieces... i.e. putting name stickers on all of my dvds... I figured out that i have a depressing total of 164 DVDs. *eeeek* Although a considerable number of those are my friends boxsets and other boxsets, and my church resource collection... still though. *lol*

Anyway not much else to say to be honest... There's flat fellowship on tonight... but I think i'm just gonna go to sleep early instead....
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ok... so i can't have gotten more than a couple of hours sleep last night... coz coughing kept me awake and then coughing woke me up *argh* there is the temptation not to go to class, but to go back to bed instead in the hope of some more sleep... don't really wanna miss a class though... thats the thing about these classes... miss one and you miss soooooo much.
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ok... so it's 1:22am and i'm wide awake... have just watched 3 episodes of ER season 2... and cannot sleep at all... The main reason being that I keep coughing which is really annoying. Seems to be worse when I lie down. *argh*

yeh... so the last couple of days have been pretty average. Had college all day yesterday... Urban Theology in the morning... Turned out that 2 of the folk in my group hadn't bothered to read their chapters for the book we're doing a group presentation on which as expected means i'll have to read them myself anyway *duh* then had Marion Carson for our class in the afternoon... Wasn't the most uplifting class in the world, but was really interesting. Was all about Anorexia Nervosa and Anoxeria Bulemia... Then we had placement seminar, which i ran. That was about it... I lasted the day, but felt dreadful by the end of it... dad wanted to go out for dinner... so i humoured him... was nice actually - went to a nice Thai restaurant... although i ended up with a really sore tummy afterwards... was just gas though i think. We went to the cinema too.... saw 'Fun with Dick and Jane'... not the most ethcially correct film, but was very amusing in parts... dad was most embarassing.

Anyway so this morning, i spent most of the morning in bed coughing up ming. Then persuded myself to get up and get ready for my meeting with my line-manager at 1pm. Was a good meeting... all very encouraging... I'm just gonna have to wait 'n see what happens. All in time. But i still need to keep my eye out for other possibilities, just in case. Anyway, so Iain gave me a lift to Tesco's coz he had Beth, and by the time i got back here it was almost 5pm... so i did some cleaning up 'n washing (hadn't done any washing for like 2 weeks... it was getting a tad desparate!) So that's all done now. You'd all be impressed... i actually cooked myself a proper meal tonight!!!! *shock* a pork chop with a white sauce 'n then boiled new potatoes 'n carrots and some sweet corn... you impressed??? then had an apple for dessert.... oh so healthy...... I guess i sorta spoiled it with the treat of chocolate ice cream later on in the evening though huh??? *hehe* ah well. *coughs*

By the way... if there's anyone reading this who gave me a Christmas pressie or asked for prayer updates... I'm soooo sorry... not had time to make thankyou cards or write letters or anything as yet... life has been a tad hectic since i got back. I have a day off next week though - so hopefully i'll get a lot of extra stuff done then!

Anyway - i guess i should go try 'n sleep again... *doh*
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Monday, January 23, 2006
Blah... woke up this morning and found that my chest is full of even more gunk... i honestly thought it was lifting yesterday as i was beginning to feel much better *ah well* i guess you just can't win sometimes...

Anyway so last night was good... can't remember much about the evening service as i was feeling particularly spaced out during it... But we're still doing Ephesians and Iain was talking about prayer... it was good... just can't remember all that much about it... then we all went to Catalyst which was groovy *grins* in fact an extra kid turned out, which was muchly unexpected, but was pleased to see her... so for the first time in ages we had 2 full cars of folk going to Catalyst!!! *bounce* yeh so i was in Andy's car coz he didn't know where we were going once we got off the motorway... but we missed the M77 junction *wasn't paying attention* so we had fun getting back to the right road... still got there in time too *wink*...

My predecessor Cara was also there as she now works in Cathcart Baptist Church which is one of the churches that runs Catalyst, so she was being all huggy with the kids... she didn't even acknowledge me though... but that's nothing new i guess.... She's lovely though. So yeh.. the guy at Catalyst was talking about not settling half way and obeying God fully in his guidance for our lifes plans... was very very good... and everyone that came with us seemed to enjoy it... *decides that it will remain in our youthwork programme for now*

Anyway - i'm up early although i'd rather go back to bed, as I have a LOT of reading to do for tomorrows class, and i am meeting a young leader from the church this afternoon for coffee and then she's invited me to hers for dinner inbetween coffee 'n Youth Band as she is my other leader at youth band... so what had been a relaxed day has turned into something which could become potentially quite hectic if i don't watch myself. Ach... well i need to be getting on....
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Sunday, January 22, 2006
I'm cold. Was boiling this morning... guess i just can't win *wink*
Yesterday was very relaxed.. well lets just say i couldn't actually physically do much.... felt awful... Didn't get to go to the party which i had been invited to which was a bit pants... instead spent the whole day watching films on the big screen in lounge while lying on the couch propped up by cushions and doing my prep for work 'n reading for college... was nice and quiet for a change coz most folk are away on the college weekend away... so yeh.

Still wasn't feeling too hot when i got up this morning for work.... but that's just how it goes... was a good session this morning... i think it's better when we keep things moving nice 'n fast coz the kids just get bored otherwise... but yeh... put some bread in the oven... *grins* so i'll have some soup for dinner before i head out to work again *shivers* evening service followed by Catalyst.... Part of me just wants to stay in... but i think i'd rather go... I'll be out late, but i'll be able to get a nice long lie in the morning *grins*
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Friday, January 20, 2006
sorry - it's been a rather surreal week... and very busy at that too! Since Monday i've been working solid... had college all day on Tuesday... had an amazing and inspiring class in the morning - a Pastor from the Mosaic Church in the West End took our Urban Ministry Class... He was talking about Scriptural references to cities 'n stuff... and then he played an amazing piece of classical music... was really inspiring. It was Elgar's Engima varitions: Nimrod, which i of course then promptly downloaded *grins*

The afternoon class was ok... was all about self-harm... felt like i knew more about it than the lecturer at times though *hmmm* Was ok, but i just thought it was too brief, and probably not very helpful for those who had never come across that sort of thing in their practice before...

Yeh so wednesday i got up 'n spent the whole day with my stomach in knotts... I created my power point for the presentation and then spent some time... oh i have no idea what i did... spent a lot of time praying and being very nervous if memory serves... anyway so i headed to work 'n set up the projector 'n stuff to make sure everything worked before the Board meeting started 'n then went up to George and Sheena's for a bit before the Kirk Session meeting... As suspected it was fine once i got into it.... And people seemed impressed... i made sure that I shared my heart with them and especially what God had laid on my heart to say to them over the past few months... and well... there was a miracle. They voted overwhelmingly in the end to aim for a full time worker... so it's gone to the Board now... but the whole thing was a very humbling experience... and it turned out that God had told someone who was somewhere else at the time that it was going to happen.... so God's just doing HUGE things... just like wow.

Anyway - so yesterday was a blur... had college fellowship day - so i was singing lots of praises - and then I spent the afternoon studying before heading off to work... was done by the time i got home... was going to studying, but ended up in bed by 10:30pm.. i think i'm getting old *wink*

been working away all day again today... lots to be doing... Also went out for dinner with the guys though which was nice.... and we've been watching films in the lounge since we got back... Most folk are away on the college weekend away at the moment so it's quiet... poor Alan isn't well though... in fact Rebecca just came in to say that they think he may have Appendicitis *ahhh the memories* so i think Andy 'n Haz are off to take him to the hospital or something... So i dunno... harsh....

anyway - that's my brief update... *grins*
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Monday, January 16, 2006
well, i put all of my frustration last night into creating the DVD part of my presentation for the Kirk Session meeting on Wednesday... I actually have a lot to say... am gonna have to make sure that i don't drone on too long when i actually do it... so yeh... frustrativeness => creativeness *wink*

so I was up doing that until almost 3am... so i gave myself a wee lie in today... then got the movie onto DVD 'n stuff 'n then i went downstairs for a chat with Sheena... Mostly all the stuff that had been bothering me about work... we prayed about it, and so now it's in God's hands... But for the rest of the afternoon i did reading and had numerous fights with Virtual PC, and trying to get it to print stuff for tonight, which we didn't use in the end *ah the irony*... But tonight was really good... there was only the 5 of us plus an elder, but it's got to have been the best night we've had in a while... God reall showed up, and I think Wilma (the elder) took a lot away from it too which was really encouraging!

So yeh... it's a happy night. I'm shattered though... Strictly speaking i should finish my reading for tomorrow as I was only about 2 thirds of the way through when i gave up earlier, but it is just sooooooo boring! *hehe* yeh... i think i'll probably just head to bed.... maybe put a dvd on in the background... am currently making my way through ER season 1... *is still suffering withdrawl of STILL not being able to buy season 6* ah well... offski for me i think.
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Sunday, January 15, 2006
man, i dunno... i really don't. There is something inside of me which is adament in telling me that my time in Kenmure is most definitely not over... anything but in fact. But i can't really put it into words, and if anything all it's doing just now is completely frustrating me. I have to do a presentation to the Kirk Session on Wednesday... but i'm not convinced that most of the ears there will actually be listening wholly to what i'll be saying... Is it possible for a group of Christians to be so blatantly stubborn and refusing to follow his Will and therefore his 'plan' not work out? It's a fine line i guess...

anyway i'll come back to that...
this morning was amusing - the traffic lights were doing this weird mad thing where the green light literally stayed green for like 2 seconds and then changed to red and stayed red for ages... was really amusing to watch the cars get fooled by it this morning while I was waiting for the bus...

Bible class was good - we played cereal packet pick up (which is always amusing) as the icebreaker and then Wilma did a session on the Kingdom of God which was pretty cool... my wee group rocked anyway.... then i came back 'n uploaded a load of video stuffs to make a video thing for Wednesday night to go along with my presentation... Haven't started it yet though - think i may start that now and work on it for a bit before i go to bed...

then Phil annouced to me that he's not coming on my dad's birthday weekend to the rubgy anymore... was really angry about that... and i know that Fiona will probably be annoyed coz she's been planning this weekend for what feels like forever... she first mentioned it to me in like july last year or something... but yeh, i refuse to use the overly used phrase "that's just life" because it sucks. Defeats the whole purpose of a family weekend if the whole family isn't there... *grr*

so yeh that ticked me off just in time for me to run for a bus... got to work had to do the usual of cleaning up behind the junior church before i could even set up the room for Anathallo... but the service was ok, but overran, which meant that everything else overran, and we didn't finish our debrief until after 10pm which is just nuts... the boys were running around the building while we were doing that, and a rather angry parent came to pick one of them up... *ouch* he was justified in his anger... the guys sister had gone home which out him so they of course were wondering where on earth he was... man guys just don't think sometimes!!!!!

So anyway, got back to find 3 folk from the flat sitting in the lift singing songs... which i know is justified, and they were engaged in worship... but i was sorta thinking that they were a bit selfish in going in the lift... what if Aileen needed to use it or something??? sometimes folk just don't think *rolls eyes*

Anyway, so yeh the confusion thing... i dunno. All i can say is that if more of the eldership had young people in the church then they would be looking at this whole issue differently... part of me is just getting so frustrated with the whole thing... coz Iain says its not a done deal, but then acts as if it is... It doesn't help that i spoke to 2 sets of parents tonight after the service both of which were expressing concerns about the (easy) 9 month lull of youthwork their kids are about to endure... will they hang on that long, or will they suffer without someone there to encourage them in their faith??? or (slightly better i guess) give up on Kenmure and go elsewhere?

All I can say is I don't know. I'm trying soooo hard to trust God with this, but i just can't get it out of my head that through freewill this eldership has the potential to muck up so many lives... it's just soooooo frustrating!
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Saturday, January 14, 2006
*caught in the middle*
Well today was meant to be a day off... and in a way it has been... coz despite the fact that i know i still haven't made or written the zillion thank you cards i have to do from Christmas, and I know that I still haven't done all of my reading for classes on Tuesday, and I know that I haven't done all of the transposing of songs for Heather etc for Youth Band, and I know I haven't started work on my presentation for the Kirk Session on Wednesday, not started my CV, i'm feeling averagely calm and relaxed and have spent most of the day busy pottering... In fact i don't know where the time has gone... I bought a groovy piece of software with my Christmas money though... Bible Software for my computer *grins* also went into town this morning 'n got some stuff... and oooooh the hi-light of my dad.... *drum roll*.... Nice 'n warm freashly baked wholemeal bread with soup *yummmmmmmy*
I do however currently have a moan...

... am I think only person wishing that they would hurry up and release the next boxset of ER???? *argh* it's taking them like forrrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrrrrrrr - the last one has been out since like October... this is getting ridiculas!!!!!!

oh ER... ER... where art thou???? *sad*
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Thursday, January 12, 2006
again sorry for the lack of an update yesterday - had a bit of a stressful night trying to do stuff for work and then trying to do all of my reading for class this morning (which i didn't quite manage to complete) and then watching the 'Lost' finale which half the flat where raving about *rolls eyes* i wasn't that impressed actually...

anyway, so yesterday seemed to be a day for meetings and generally being busy... so that was that...
today however has been college - both classes were good - then tonight i had to cancel Inpsired due to a lack of leaders... most of the kids were studying for exams anyway so it wasn't a big deal... but a couple of the kids came into town 'n we went to Starbucks, so that was a nice change. Anyway - so i walked back from that and got SOAKED in the process... not so funny... then i pretty much spent ages in Kat's room chatting - she's made me this ace arty-farty thing with a verse i requested on it - i can now claim to have an original 'kat' *hehe* then we had flat fellowship... was the usual stuff... but the worship was really good.. i love it when people really sing with great gusto as if they really mean it.. is soooo encouraging and inspiring... so yeh... now i'm here and very very tired... Have to get up for a meeting in the morning... so should really head to bed now...
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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
sorry for the lack of a post yesterday... if it's any consellation it was because i was busy trying to finish the report which was due today *joy*... Youth Band was good last night though... was good to be back - and we had a really good worship session regardless of the constant interruptions... you know peeps who are walking through the middle of your group can do so less distruptively if they do so slightly rather than attracting your attention/ talking to you and then doing so... *rolls eyes* but it didn't bother me...

so yeh. Today was been good... had urban ministry class in the morning which was really interesting, but soooo much to take it... i reckon i'll be spending all of my spare time in the library for that one! And then at lunch time i had the amusing task of trying to figure out the quantities for the bread maker... who on earth would be 5/6 tsp of yeast in something??? it was just insane... mum helped my by giving me a different one in the end which made all things better *grins* Then had a class on pastoral care, which was ok... apart from the rather sweeping comment made about scottish evangelical christians at one point by the lecturer, and the fact that this particular was completely not was i was expecting given the topic title... but whatever.

then hung around talking to the girls for a bit which was nice... and made dinner for G who came over... 'n then we went out for a drink and had a really nice time just chatting which we haven't had properly since before he went to Broxburn in July... so that was good *grins* we for a walk with Kat 'n Josh to drop him off at the station and now that's me just i'm looking to go to bed pretty soon me thinks. Have a meeting with Iain tomorrow afternoon and Em and I are going to enroll at the stratchclyde sports facility tomorrow... she's already been using their gym but has to renew her pass... i on the other hand don't really have a desire to use their gym... but would quite like the ability to get into the habit of playing badminton a few times a week with Kat etc... so we'll see... we're leaving at 11am though - so hopefully i won't sleep in!!!! *blushes*
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Sunday, January 08, 2006
How great is our God....
Tonight was good... one of the rougher and the only person who started our new evening group not believeing in God, just spent the whole way home in the car enthusiastically telling me about 'the magicians nephew' which is the first book in the narnia series... by the sounds of it he was really affected by our group social visit to the cinema before Christmas, and has ended up reading 3 of the 7 books... now this guy would be regarded as one of your typical problem teenagers, but i mean wow. God is doing great things.

Anyway - it's been an ok day.... i'm gonna have to get up early and really make myself do my assignment tomorrow though... this is beginning to get rediculous, and I have group tomorrow night. so many demands on time...
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Saturday, January 07, 2006
happy times...
well i had hoped that i would have finished my first draft of my assignment today... but it didn't happen. Mostly because i spent last night and this afternoon spending most of my time doing prep for work tomorrow... That happens i guess... Was nice tonight though. G has been here today, so we were all hanging out. Was nice to have the gang around again for a change... I cooked pasta for them all which was nice, 'n then we went to the cinema to see 'Just Friends' - wasn't the most amazing film, but was still quite funny in parts... but no mum, you wouldn't like it. Anyway - now i'm just doing some last few bits of prep for Bible Class in the morning... have to figure out how i'm gonna get everything to work in the morning *is missing the car*. Anyway... got so much stuff lying around my room... is beginning to annoy me a little bit... *sighs* anyway... tomorrow will be a busy day.
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Friday, January 06, 2006
the X files....

Hehhe... the truth is out there!!!! *cue X Files theme tune*... man i absolutely loved that programme in my early teams... found it strangely funny most of the time *hehe* anyway so they've just released a new boxset of the X files on and they had a promotion price of only £12.99... so i was a sucker and go it! *hehe* up until now it's cost £64.99 to get a season, and the new boxsets cost around £44.99, so i thought that and offer of £12.99 was not to be missed... so that came today and I'm sitting watching it inbetween writing my assignment... which i'm currently about half way through my 1st draft. so yeh... it's been a good day... also bought a book. Kat wanted me to meet her at borders and i took the opportunity to get out of the college for a walk... so i bought Micheal Moore's latest book "Will they ever trust us again?" looks like it may be an interesting read... I think that although Michael Moore is often very outspoken, he's also got a good point a lot of the time...

anyway... forgot to say yesterday... you know how last year was the year that lots of folks from college suddenly got into relationships and by the summer were all 'suddenly' married?? well this year the 'in' thing seems to be getting pregnant... found out that Bonnie (in my class) and Gillian (who used to stay in the flat) are both pregnant... so it's gonna be an interesting year... meanwhile as well as praying for healthy pregnanices for these girls i'm also keeping Cherie, my past tutor in my prayers... not too long before she's getting induced!
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Thursday, January 05, 2006
back in Glasgow...

so yeah... got back to Glasgow yesterday... dad gave me a lift down in the car, 'n Fiona my sister came too... muchly amusing, apart from the rather hard hitting for the yellow car game from Fiona... and of course the multiple hitting... i don't think she ever just hit me once per car *lol* so yeh. Was kl though... oh yeh... and my sister... my TWENTY-FIVE year old sister, bought a bright blue kids sledge for the snow!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL... i think she just longs to be a kid again *hehe*

Yeh so got back 'n we went to Tesco etc 'n then I came back here 'n unpacked everything and made new homes for the objects which i had accumulated (which was a lot)... Then settled down 'n did some studying for the assignment i have due next Tuesday (which i plan to spend the majority of the weekend reading for and writing)... Then Kat 'n Rebecca 'n I all went to the cinema to see 'Cheaper by the Dozen 2' which was quite amusing... very funny in parts *hehe* So yeh that was kl... was knackered though... so it wasn't long before i went to bed... was sleeping by 12:15am which is highly unusual for me... must have been the small amount of sleep from the night before coupled with the very early morning... so yeh.

Woke up to my new alarm radio clock this morning... which is currently tuned into Classical FM at the moment... enjoyed that a lot... that went off at 7:20am... didn't get up until 8:20am though.. and then pottered about before Class started at 9:15am.. was tired but i got through the morning class ok... we made paper areoplanes *hehe* we did an ICC version of 'the apprentice' was quite amusing... i think this module may indeed turn out to be a good one! it's about managing youthwork... so will be very useful... Kat, Em 'n I skived morning worship and instead went for a brisk walk... was good to get out in the fresh air for a bit... Have decided that i want to make a conscious effort this year to avoid being stuck in the college for prolonged periods of time without being out in the fresh air... This afternoons class was ok too... although I started to feel my stress and hopelessness levels rise when we were told that our assignment for that class was to be a portfolio on our attempts on attemping community outreach at our placements... now... outreach as far as Kenmure is concerned, despite how much it is in mine and Ian's hearts, an impossibility... well just now anyway.. epsiecally with my workload and the fact that i should be planning an exit strategy not starting new projects... so yeh... but i managed to work something out with the lecturer - so the panic is over... for now. WE then thought we had placement seminar... turns out we don't. In fact we have an hour off instead *yay* which will make my life a lot easier in the coming weeks as i won't have to rush to Sheena's for Supervisor meetings *grins*

The Ethics essay issue hasn't seemed to have moved at all... and if my discussion with the lecturer today is anything to go by then it may not change *not very pleased about this*
on the up side though i got my New Testement exegesis back (i did it on Romans 8:1-17) and i got a B+ - i'm sooooooo pleased with that!!!!! *grins*

yeh so... have tried doing some more studying since college stopped... have done a couple of hours.. but i'm just feeling completely wiped out... I'm thinking that perhaps its a result of giving blood on tuesday... I think this happened last time... No big deal... I'm not planning on doing anything overly energetic this weekend anyways... Planning to get a membership for the Strathclyde Sports Centre so i can go play with Kat etc this term... but we'll see how it's gonna work out. I just need to keep on top of things!

Anyway.. apparently the new series of ER starts on E4 tonight... and Kat's booked the TV... so i may go through 'n watch it... especially since i'm pretty much floating and unable to read without my eyes going out of focus anyway *hehe*
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Sunday, January 01, 2006
Happy New Year
Happy New Year folks!!!!!!! Am sooooo tired, but last night was good. Have been given sooooo many kl things for Christma again this year... Got a scary amount of stuff to take back to Glasgow... but then i think to myself that in only a few months I'll be having to fill a whole flat to myself in all likelihood which is even scarier!!! Got so much to do when i get back too. *argh*

hmmm anyway... have eaten sooooo much over the past 2 weeks... so won't be eating much over then next two *wink*

ach i'm done.... probably won't update again until i'm back on Glasgow on Wednesday...
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