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Thursday, January 12, 2006
again sorry for the lack of an update yesterday - had a bit of a stressful night trying to do stuff for work and then trying to do all of my reading for class this morning (which i didn't quite manage to complete) and then watching the 'Lost' finale which half the flat where raving about *rolls eyes* i wasn't that impressed actually...

anyway, so yesterday seemed to be a day for meetings and generally being busy... so that was that...
today however has been college - both classes were good - then tonight i had to cancel Inpsired due to a lack of leaders... most of the kids were studying for exams anyway so it wasn't a big deal... but a couple of the kids came into town 'n we went to Starbucks, so that was a nice change. Anyway - so i walked back from that and got SOAKED in the process... not so funny... then i pretty much spent ages in Kat's room chatting - she's made me this ace arty-farty thing with a verse i requested on it - i can now claim to have an original 'kat' *hehe* then we had flat fellowship... was the usual stuff... but the worship was really good.. i love it when people really sing with great gusto as if they really mean it.. is soooo encouraging and inspiring... so yeh... now i'm here and very very tired... Have to get up for a meeting in the morning... so should really head to bed now...
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