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Friday, January 06, 2006
the X files....

Hehhe... the truth is out there!!!! *cue X Files theme tune*... man i absolutely loved that programme in my early teams... found it strangely funny most of the time *hehe* anyway so they've just released a new boxset of the X files on and they had a promotion price of only £12.99... so i was a sucker and go it! *hehe* up until now it's cost £64.99 to get a season, and the new boxsets cost around £44.99, so i thought that and offer of £12.99 was not to be missed... so that came today and I'm sitting watching it inbetween writing my assignment... which i'm currently about half way through my 1st draft. so yeh... it's been a good day... also bought a book. Kat wanted me to meet her at borders and i took the opportunity to get out of the college for a walk... so i bought Micheal Moore's latest book "Will they ever trust us again?" looks like it may be an interesting read... I think that although Michael Moore is often very outspoken, he's also got a good point a lot of the time...

anyway... forgot to say yesterday... you know how last year was the year that lots of folks from college suddenly got into relationships and by the summer were all 'suddenly' married?? well this year the 'in' thing seems to be getting pregnant... found out that Bonnie (in my class) and Gillian (who used to stay in the flat) are both pregnant... so it's gonna be an interesting year... meanwhile as well as praying for healthy pregnanices for these girls i'm also keeping Cherie, my past tutor in my prayers... not too long before she's getting induced!
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