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Thursday, January 05, 2006
back in Glasgow...

so yeah... got back to Glasgow yesterday... dad gave me a lift down in the car, 'n Fiona my sister came too... muchly amusing, apart from the rather hard hitting for the yellow car game from Fiona... and of course the multiple hitting... i don't think she ever just hit me once per car *lol* so yeh. Was kl though... oh yeh... and my sister... my TWENTY-FIVE year old sister, bought a bright blue kids sledge for the snow!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL... i think she just longs to be a kid again *hehe*

Yeh so got back 'n we went to Tesco etc 'n then I came back here 'n unpacked everything and made new homes for the objects which i had accumulated (which was a lot)... Then settled down 'n did some studying for the assignment i have due next Tuesday (which i plan to spend the majority of the weekend reading for and writing)... Then Kat 'n Rebecca 'n I all went to the cinema to see 'Cheaper by the Dozen 2' which was quite amusing... very funny in parts *hehe* So yeh that was kl... was knackered though... so it wasn't long before i went to bed... was sleeping by 12:15am which is highly unusual for me... must have been the small amount of sleep from the night before coupled with the very early morning... so yeh.

Woke up to my new alarm radio clock this morning... which is currently tuned into Classical FM at the moment... enjoyed that a lot... that went off at 7:20am... didn't get up until 8:20am though.. and then pottered about before Class started at 9:15am.. was tired but i got through the morning class ok... we made paper areoplanes *hehe* we did an ICC version of 'the apprentice' was quite amusing... i think this module may indeed turn out to be a good one! it's about managing youthwork... so will be very useful... Kat, Em 'n I skived morning worship and instead went for a brisk walk... was good to get out in the fresh air for a bit... Have decided that i want to make a conscious effort this year to avoid being stuck in the college for prolonged periods of time without being out in the fresh air... This afternoons class was ok too... although I started to feel my stress and hopelessness levels rise when we were told that our assignment for that class was to be a portfolio on our attempts on attemping community outreach at our placements... now... outreach as far as Kenmure is concerned, despite how much it is in mine and Ian's hearts, an impossibility... well just now anyway.. epsiecally with my workload and the fact that i should be planning an exit strategy not starting new projects... so yeh... but i managed to work something out with the lecturer - so the panic is over... for now. WE then thought we had placement seminar... turns out we don't. In fact we have an hour off instead *yay* which will make my life a lot easier in the coming weeks as i won't have to rush to Sheena's for Supervisor meetings *grins*

The Ethics essay issue hasn't seemed to have moved at all... and if my discussion with the lecturer today is anything to go by then it may not change *not very pleased about this*
on the up side though i got my New Testement exegesis back (i did it on Romans 8:1-17) and i got a B+ - i'm sooooooo pleased with that!!!!! *grins*

yeh so... have tried doing some more studying since college stopped... have done a couple of hours.. but i'm just feeling completely wiped out... I'm thinking that perhaps its a result of giving blood on tuesday... I think this happened last time... No big deal... I'm not planning on doing anything overly energetic this weekend anyways... Planning to get a membership for the Strathclyde Sports Centre so i can go play with Kat etc this term... but we'll see how it's gonna work out. I just need to keep on top of things!

Anyway.. apparently the new series of ER starts on E4 tonight... and Kat's booked the TV... so i may go through 'n watch it... especially since i'm pretty much floating and unable to read without my eyes going out of focus anyway *hehe*
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