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Monday, December 12, 2005
really tired again... so this is gonna be short...
Just off the phone with mum... nice chat. Short but sweet. Anyway got a presentation for one of my classes tomorrow... should be ok i think... although in all honesty the whole thing seems completely pointless... But maybe thats just me.

Anyway - had a nice enough day... was out with Josh 'n Kat in the morning... nice long walk to start the morning off... 'n we went to Wesley Owen for a nosey and drink etc... then headed back to college 'n i spent the afternoon sorting out this presentation etc... Then headed off to work. Was a good night... lots of hilarity and fun followed by a good but short worship session with God... was good.

Am shattered now though... need to sleep.
posted by TLT @ 10:47 pm  
  • At 10:25 am, Anonymous em said…

    meaingless meaningless everthing is meaningless espeshaly this daft perentation you are not alown ;-) ug

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