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Friday, January 20, 2006
sorry - it's been a rather surreal week... and very busy at that too! Since Monday i've been working solid... had college all day on Tuesday... had an amazing and inspiring class in the morning - a Pastor from the Mosaic Church in the West End took our Urban Ministry Class... He was talking about Scriptural references to cities 'n stuff... and then he played an amazing piece of classical music... was really inspiring. It was Elgar's Engima varitions: Nimrod, which i of course then promptly downloaded *grins*

The afternoon class was ok... was all about self-harm... felt like i knew more about it than the lecturer at times though *hmmm* Was ok, but i just thought it was too brief, and probably not very helpful for those who had never come across that sort of thing in their practice before...

Yeh so wednesday i got up 'n spent the whole day with my stomach in knotts... I created my power point for the presentation and then spent some time... oh i have no idea what i did... spent a lot of time praying and being very nervous if memory serves... anyway so i headed to work 'n set up the projector 'n stuff to make sure everything worked before the Board meeting started 'n then went up to George and Sheena's for a bit before the Kirk Session meeting... As suspected it was fine once i got into it.... And people seemed impressed... i made sure that I shared my heart with them and especially what God had laid on my heart to say to them over the past few months... and well... there was a miracle. They voted overwhelmingly in the end to aim for a full time worker... so it's gone to the Board now... but the whole thing was a very humbling experience... and it turned out that God had told someone who was somewhere else at the time that it was going to happen.... so God's just doing HUGE things... just like wow.

Anyway - so yesterday was a blur... had college fellowship day - so i was singing lots of praises - and then I spent the afternoon studying before heading off to work... was done by the time i got home... was going to studying, but ended up in bed by 10:30pm.. i think i'm getting old *wink*

been working away all day again today... lots to be doing... Also went out for dinner with the guys though which was nice.... and we've been watching films in the lounge since we got back... Most folk are away on the college weekend away at the moment so it's quiet... poor Alan isn't well though... in fact Rebecca just came in to say that they think he may have Appendicitis *ahhh the memories* so i think Andy 'n Haz are off to take him to the hospital or something... So i dunno... harsh....

anyway - that's my brief update... *grins*
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