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Monday, January 16, 2006
well, i put all of my frustration last night into creating the DVD part of my presentation for the Kirk Session meeting on Wednesday... I actually have a lot to say... am gonna have to make sure that i don't drone on too long when i actually do it... so yeh... frustrativeness => creativeness *wink*

so I was up doing that until almost 3am... so i gave myself a wee lie in today... then got the movie onto DVD 'n stuff 'n then i went downstairs for a chat with Sheena... Mostly all the stuff that had been bothering me about work... we prayed about it, and so now it's in God's hands... But for the rest of the afternoon i did reading and had numerous fights with Virtual PC, and trying to get it to print stuff for tonight, which we didn't use in the end *ah the irony*... But tonight was really good... there was only the 5 of us plus an elder, but it's got to have been the best night we've had in a while... God reall showed up, and I think Wilma (the elder) took a lot away from it too which was really encouraging!

So yeh... it's a happy night. I'm shattered though... Strictly speaking i should finish my reading for tomorrow as I was only about 2 thirds of the way through when i gave up earlier, but it is just sooooooo boring! *hehe* yeh... i think i'll probably just head to bed.... maybe put a dvd on in the background... am currently making my way through ER season 1... *is still suffering withdrawl of STILL not being able to buy season 6* ah well... offski for me i think.
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