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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Another long-ish walk....

today, after doing some errands this morning and Abbie had had her early afternoon snooze, we went a walk along the canal... thankfully i had the car so it didn't mean walking there first (which as a round trip would easily be 2+ hours) It was nice. Quiet and nice. And its really deceptive down there... you could actually believe that you're in the middle of the countryside and not on the frindges of a major scottish city *heh*

But today... because there were no other dogs about and it was relatively safe, Abbie had her first adventure without being on the lead the whole time... She was really good... never wandered very far away from me and always came back when called. in fact there were points you would have thought she was looking at me wanting to be back on the lead... suppose she maybe feels more secure that way *hehe*

But yus... was nice. She and I should do that more often me thinks =)


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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Sillly billy...
Just thought i would share this before i head off to a prayer meeting at work....

Abbie, my ingenious dog passed a red rubber band this morning. (in her poo) *duh* I feel a complaint to the Royal mail coming on... never mind the fact that they seem to be hopeless at actually delivering my mail at the moment... the amount of red elastic bands dropped around her by their posties is just ridiculous....

right... i'm off to be prayerful...
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
"my first ramble" : Abbie
Sorry for lack of updates... have been rather tired and busy of late so not really managed to settle down to update on here... have had a couple of very lasy mornings though... some more sleeping... some bible reading and some tv watching... so yeh... that seems to have done the trick for now...

randomly... QVC had their 'countdown to Christmas' day today which is rather random... makes me want a big mulled wine yankee candle though... *heh* actually i'd really like to go to a shop that stocks them and smell all the different ones *hehehe*

Anyyyyyyyyway... abbie had another 'first' this weekend.... she went on her first ramble with the group from church... we were up in Dunkeld and it was a 4-5 mile walk... i thought she would get tired and was all set for carrying her... I even tried a couple of times but she was having none of it... she LOVED it and still had plenty of energy to run about like a mad hatter when we got home (after a 'small' snooze in the car on the way back of course... *heheh* But my plan is to keep her going on rambles as long as the weather and my energy keeps up... its going to be good for her to keep fit :) no lazy dog is gonna be living here!!!!! Isn't she such a poser though? *heh*

That aside... for those of you who don't know... Grey's Anatomy rocks. Like seriously. The sooner season 3 comes out the better...... I haven't bought ER 8 yet *shock* abd ER 9 comes out in a few weeks *even more shock* oh well....

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Thursday, September 13, 2007
I've seen this kid before on Oprah... but a friend pointed out this video to me just there... it's totally amazing... just goes to show what someone can do when faced with adversity and choosing to keep a positive spirit and believe that they can still achieve....

Best Video Of The Year - For more funny movies, click here

That aside... been working away today... its suddenly got quite dark and windy outside... u'd think it was going to rain... i'm not sure that it is though... random.


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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
lazy morning...
Well today is my 'day off'... So i'm currently in bed... relaxing... abbie is faffing about in the hall... we've both had breakfast... i'm quite happy chillin in bed, and she's quite happy playing with her toys... it's nice to just be able to be still for a wee bit. Was at the doc yesterday, and he thought that maybe the medication i was on for my headaches was what is causing the fatigue... so i've to stop taking that... *doh*

annnnnnnnnnyway... Had a good meeting with my line manager on monday morning, so that was good... Been working away as usual over the past few days since i got back from being up north for the wedding which is good... Finally got round to getting the forms for changing my address for the bank *heh* and sending out the rest of the DVDs i had from mission... ooo and i spent a good while yesterday cleaning up my desk, which malachi still hasn't gone back through to... *lol* But yeh.

I have a very nice daddy *grins* he did my ironing last night *grins* which was very nice of him. He shouldn't have, but it was nice of him anyway.

Anyway.... here is the point which i name and shame Tesco... on Monday night after I got back from work, dad and I headed into Tesco to get some fresh food etc... and this is what we were greeted with...

Am I the only person that is disgusted with Tesco having Christmas advent calanders and selection boxes so soon?!

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Sunday, September 09, 2007
weddings, rest, and reflection...
ooooh - that was almost another 3 R's for you.. *heheh*
well last week ended up being somewhat of a nothing coz i really was that exhausted, although having said that I was still averagely busy... so yeh. nice.
ok so i'm too tired to talk in detail... so here's some random points.....
+ Rach and Andy's wedding on Friday was lovely... for pics see my dad's blog (link on the right --->)
+ Long lies at home *content sigh* sooo good.
+ I have decent nails for a change... shame about the skin around them *heh*
+ i love my pooch lots..... poor thing has been on her own lots today... :(
+ Elevate tonight was great - such a move of God. very exciting.
+ i noe have a headche... argh. that'll teach me to forget to take my medication as I did last night.
+ oooo that reminds me - need to give Abbie hers soon.
+ Isn't is so terrible whats going on in the news about the McCann family? *sads*
+ Our train randomly stopped just south of perth on the way home yesterday - apparently it was because of a collisison with a vechicle further down the line... we weren't delayed that long though - so that was a bit odd.
+ the mean conductor wouldn't let abbie sleep on her blanky on the seat like other conductors had so she had to make do with my lap... not so comfy i'm thinking *heheh*
+ oooo that was a big yawn by Abbie.
+ as random as this is i was told that I look "hot" with my hair down tonight. i found it mildly disturbing...
Yup I think that's it... have a busy day tomorrow... meeting 'n visitations and groups *woooop*
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Saturday, September 01, 2007
and all that jazz...

So much to say... so little time to say it...

Abbie is wonderful. lol. She came to work with me on Thursday and had a great time with the young people. They were out doing a photo scavanger hunt, so she went out with one of the groups. To say that she was tired when we got back doesn't even come close! *lol* Needless to say... she was flaked out on the cushion before long *heheh* She's been doing really well actually... working into my sleep pattern very well!!! *hehe* Hasn't made a peep until almost 9am in the last two days *grins*

But yeh... I ache all over. *meh* Was at a fundraiser ceilidh last night... it was good, but i'm suffering for it today. Well more than usual anyways. I'm actually currently procrastinating from doing prep for tomorrow which i really should be doing... i now have some ideas... but i need time for them to mull around my head before i do anything further. Someone else is speaking at bible class, although I know that they won't do the whole session, so have no idea how long i will need to fill. I'm thinking i'm gonna do something brief on the importance of our bibles and actually using them etc though... we'll see. Also got stuff to do for tomorrow night, but thats probably best left until tomorrow afternoon anyways. We're having a discussion with the discipleship group on what the church is... we've invited edlers too... should be interesting. Really need wisdom in how to guide it though... so prayer wouls muchly be appreciated.

hmmmm. Man i'm tired. Am out again tonight though. This time its thanksgiving and i'm taking a couple of the yp with me... *heheh* hopefully it'll be good. There's been a lot of unrest about bigger impact this year coz the new MC has changed it, which is a shame i admit, although i understand why he's done what he has... just perhaps not the best timing. *hmmm* But anyway, i'm hoping that won't taint what i hope to be a good evening with friends. Need to try and do some baking for that. it'll be timing permitting though. Am going out to tesco soon, and then picking the yp up just after 5 sometime. *heh*

oooo... abbie's trying to get comfy on her bean bag... *hehe* best £26 i ever spent. She loves it.

Oh man... was watching this program on tv this morning... it was called something like 'my sweet 16' or something, and it was basically about all these rich girls who got their parents to fund like $200,000 parties for them and like get 'celebrities' to go to them 'n stuff... one of the girls was like 'yeh it was nothing special, pretty much how i expected' and i'm like 'what?!' some folk are just sooooo unbelieveably self-consumed.
but yus... i should go now... am going to tesco soon.

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