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Sunday, September 09, 2007
weddings, rest, and reflection...
ooooh - that was almost another 3 R's for you.. *heheh*
well last week ended up being somewhat of a nothing coz i really was that exhausted, although having said that I was still averagely busy... so yeh. nice.
ok so i'm too tired to talk in detail... so here's some random points.....
+ Rach and Andy's wedding on Friday was lovely... for pics see my dad's blog (link on the right --->)
+ Long lies at home *content sigh* sooo good.
+ I have decent nails for a change... shame about the skin around them *heh*
+ i love my pooch lots..... poor thing has been on her own lots today... :(
+ Elevate tonight was great - such a move of God. very exciting.
+ i noe have a headche... argh. that'll teach me to forget to take my medication as I did last night.
+ oooo that reminds me - need to give Abbie hers soon.
+ Isn't is so terrible whats going on in the news about the McCann family? *sads*
+ Our train randomly stopped just south of perth on the way home yesterday - apparently it was because of a collisison with a vechicle further down the line... we weren't delayed that long though - so that was a bit odd.
+ the mean conductor wouldn't let abbie sleep on her blanky on the seat like other conductors had so she had to make do with my lap... not so comfy i'm thinking *heheh*
+ oooo that was a big yawn by Abbie.
+ as random as this is i was told that I look "hot" with my hair down tonight. i found it mildly disturbing...
Yup I think that's it... have a busy day tomorrow... meeting 'n visitations and groups *woooop*
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