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Saturday, March 11, 2006
am quite tired again today... was quite late on getting up... *hmmm* Apparently its forecast to have snow come our way... i doubt it will, and even if it does I doubt it'll lie long enough for me to either get any enjoyment out of it or for it to cause any distruption. *what joy*

Am gonna go make myself lunch soon as they're kicking us out of the library at 1pm... and after that, although i may go for a walk down to sainburys or something at some point i think that i'll just be reading for the rest of the day... If i can get all of my reading done between today and tomorrow and then write it on monday then i'll be very pleased... i'm just sick of the lecturers not really being sure what they want... doesn't help us in the slightest!!!!!!!!

anyway - catch y'all on Monday, coz i don't think i'll be on again before then... wireless internet connection still not working!
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