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Friday, May 06, 2005
uh sorry for the lack of update yesterday... turned into a pretty random day with work stuff... and I didn't get back untl late by which time i just needed to crash with some friends and chill and not think about work or anything... But God is good, the situation could have been a lot more difficult than what it was and God was there guiding me and the others there...

but Kat had a 'turn' over night... very weird... basically she got cramp in her leg and it sorta resulted in her not being able to see properly which resulted in her hyperventilating and having a panick attack... and she felll over and knocked her tv off her dvd player 'n stuff.... i think she gave Gordon a bit of a scare... and gave herself a bit of a scare, but she's been to the doc's now and she's been checked out and seems ok.. just a bit wiped out 'n stuff... so i we went to get tickets for tonight (going to see Kingdom of Heaven) and then we went down to Wesley Owen and i spent like £50 on books 'n stuff which all look fab for my work (thank you Kemnay Parish for that *hehe*) and then i treated her to a hot chocolate at Costa... so it's been a good day... feeling a bit more relaxed than i was last night... but i think that this is a tension that just isn't going to disappear overnight whatever i do, so yeah. C'est la vie. Got a few bits of prep to do this weekend for church, so i'lll use them to keep my mind off things i think.
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