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Thursday, February 08, 2007
up again...
i think i can almost guaranttee that i will still be in bed at this time tomorrow morning... second morning in a row having to get up early *heh* such a shock to the system. Assembly was ok again this morning - didn't have Chris this time, just me... Harder bunch to please i think, but it was ok. The teacher dude was quite scary... nice, but very authoritive... ah being back in school again... They were getting their subjects choice sheet out for 5th year... *heh* i just think back to what i chose in 4th year... *thinks* - Art, english, chemistry, biology, maths, Modern Studies, French and music... Sitting here and knowing where i am now, i fail to see how they have directly helped me to get where i am *hehe* although it is very true... the decisions they are about to make re: subject choice for higher, is one of the most important decisions they'll have made to-date... quite scary though... i was there *thinks* over 6 years ago... scary. *feels old*

Ok well, I should have a break i think 'n then get on with some prep... plenty to be doing for Sunday!!!!

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