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Sunday, February 25, 2007
oh look, i'm growing up...
Well last night, I had a couple of friends over for the evening, and as part of that I made dinner... and i mean i MADE dinner... 3 courses...
Home made Carrot and cream cheese soup with bread...

Main Course:
Home made Lasange and salad

Home Made Grape Brulee

Are you impressed???? *grins* It was all good too!! No distasters... so am happy! Was quite tasty, even if i do say so myself *grins* i would have taken pictures, but my phone camera was out of commission coz the battery died... But yes, it did happen!!!! Ask Gordon or Emily if you don't believe me *wink*.

I've just had another bit of Lasange for my brunch... very nice... lovin' it!

Anyway... am sitting watching 'Time Team' at the moment... love that programme.. it's dead interesting... Wish i could speak educatedly about such things... but i can't... i'm sure my friend Amy would do a good job given half the chance... she was quite amusing at WIG on Thursday night... I can't remember what the thing was, but she got very excited about the prospect of something particular and it's historical relevance... was amusing... we think should have her own little section with her historical musings on the forum *grins* Ah yes, and that's another thing, I got to go to WIG again on Thursday night... not been since October, but it was really nice to be there again. *grins*

My jaw is still sore by the way... although it's becoming more livable, but for the first time in a while i'm actually thankful that i have the dentist tomorrow... *heh*

Ooooooh we had a meeting today about our new group for the P7-s2's - it's very exciting! We haven't got a name for it yet... but we've got a date and everyone's signed up to do stuff and we're a bit clearer on what's happening, so it's all good!

Anyway... Am gonna go and do some music prep I thinks... Got to head out in just over an hours time coz i have to walk to the other side of Bishopbriggs... (Unless i'm really lazy and take the bus... which would make it a 5 mins trip instead of 40 mins walk) we have Elevate tonight... i'm sure it'll be a good laugh *grins* <---- see the graphic Phil made??? *grins*

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