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Saturday, July 03, 2004
GOt back to 'sunny' Glasgow last night... was an ok journey, i just read for the whole thing... was awakened by an orange march this morning - whoo hoo... went food shopping and then in a very rushed manner made our way to the college graduation ceremony... was good to see some of our friends graduating... although the speaker spoke for AGES, which was a bit dull, but oh well, Gordon, Emily and Josh are always entertaining enough *wink*... then we had a late lunch which was really dinner and now i'm sitting here quickly checking my mail before we get chucked out - what fun!

Also managed to speak to my tutor today... it was nice to talk to her after such a long time... lets hope she's gonna be around again at the start of next term and i'll have her back as my tutor... i think i'd like that!

Anyway... was wanting to go to Govanhill tonight (pentecostal church) with the guys, but i really have to do some last minute prep for church tomorrow - what fun! although having said that i have some pretty competant folk working with me for SSS tomorrow, so hopefully it'll be a breeze *wink*
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