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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
em yeh.... sorry for the lack of updates. it's been really busy over the last few weeks. Am knackered. Nothing new you might say... but yes, i most definitely am knackered. We had our youth weekend away a couple of weeks ago. Was amazing.. Great group of young folk 'n leaders... exhausting, but great!

Then we had a youth-led service on Sunday just there, it was great too. Lots of hard work gone into them both though and I think that's potentially part of the reason that i'm so knackered atm. But there you go...

I have a problem at the moment though... *heh* i have no heating - well that's not completely true, coz i currently have a wee fan heater i've borrowed from the church... but yeh the boiler is busted. It busted in the middle of the night yesterday. so I'm getting near to 48 hours without heating, and this is a cold flat at the best of times!! Poor pooch has been particularly feeling it at times - poor wee thing. But yes. Hopefully i'll have a visit from a plumber tomorrow - but George seems to think that even if he comes to look he may not have the parts to fix it - which if i'm honest is just annoying, but then what can i do.... ain't my boiler to fix. doh.

But yes - other exciting things/things of worth noting that have happened of late...
+ i now have cable tv and broadband which is nice... am currently watching LOST on demand... which is amusing coz i never saw the attraction to it at all before - shame i won't be able to watch season 4 seeing as it's only on sky - lol
+ I've been laptop hunting... poor Amos (my laptop) is kinda dying... i've had him for 4 years now and he's just getting a bit sad and slow... think i'll have to save up a bit more first though...
+ I'm joining Kenmure church on Sunday - random i know... but lets just say God said 'nows the time' so i'm doing as i'm told...
+ We had snow yesterday *yay* lol not that it lay for long, but it was pretty watching it fall anyway... =D
+ i made soup tonight *grins* its good.

Anyway - i think my bedroom will be a bit warmer now... so i'm going to go to bed....

g'nite!!! =D
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