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Wednesday, December 13, 2006
my wish list...
If you're stuck then here's my 'wish list'... not that i'm expecting presents you'll understand, but yeh...

* Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (CD Album)
* Take That - Beautiful World (CD Album)
* The Family Stone (DVD) - although i did mention this to Phil... but who knows........ *hehe*

mm... oh...

* The Wild - Disney Pixar (DVD)

Hehehe such a funny film....

and for the record all of these things will generally be a lot cheaper on a website like than they would in the high street, although i think that the supermarkets can have good deals at times... Why is that I wonder??? How come the high street shops sell stuff a whole lot more expensive????

Anyway - that aside... I finished wrapping all my pressies more or less last night... just got to finish them off with labels *hehe* Ick it's minging outside again today... so i doubt i'll go out. It's actually meant to be my day off.... but i've had the last 2 afternoons off, and i have a video/powerpoint type thing to finish for tomorrow for the ministers for the School Service... so yeh... i think i will have to be concentrating on that today.
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  • At 6:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Its a pity I didnt see this before I did my shopping! I can gve u copy of snow atrol if noone grants you your wish though xx Fi

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