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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Didn't do much last night. Just watched films 'n talked with Kat 'n stuff... today however I have no idea what i'm going to end up doing... i have to work on some stuff for SU camp, but i need to see if God inspires me before i can really launch into that. lol. It's become quite quiet here in the youth min room of late... all of the tutors seem to be on holiday... peace........ Having said that though, the accomodation upstairs has become pretty manic... there's a heap of 'strangers' living upstairs at the moment and i wasn't pleased with the fact that they totally wrecked our kitchen and left it in a state and then moved into another kitchen and didn't bother to clean it - argh! ach well... i suppose i should go and wash the floor soon *rolls eyes* Anyway, depending on what happens i might head to the cinema later...
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