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Thursday, July 08, 2004
Didn't go to the cinema... ended up side-tracked! Sheena, a friend from church who also happens to be my Pastoral Carer, suffers from ME, and is quite ill with it at the moment... so i popped in on her briefly yesterday night to drop off a 'recovery pack' and cheer her up before next week, coz if she DOES manage to get herself together enough to go to the Clan Gathering next week then i won't see her until after Cumnock mission, which would be 5 whole weeks... such a tragedy!... lol! Other than that i didn't do anything ground-breaking... still not feeling inspired with the SU camp stuff, but i'm sure it'll come eventually... push comes to shove I'll get Jen to wrack her brains when she's over at the weekend!
To add... the situation with accommodation upstairs is beginning to test my patience... everytime i turn round there's seems to be another stranger walking around. Last night one of them stopped me and asked if i wanted her left over naan bread... i was inshock as i'd never seen her before... it's just getting rediculous! They're taking over the place... there's nowhere to hide! AHHHHHHHHHH! lol.
so anyway - prayer requests:
* for Sheena that she gets past her relapse in ME
* that God inspires me to get this stuff done for camp, sooner rather than later!
* That i'll have extra patience with all of the extra bodies upstairs!
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