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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
an update for now...
Righty- ho... sorry for the lack of updating... it's been rather a busy few weeks...

Highlights of the past couple of weeks:
+ an amazing and relaxing holiday with my family. I miss them lots when i'm down here in Glasgow, so it was nice just to hang out with them.
+ Glen Croe sponsored walk... that was much fun, even if I did have to carry abbie for half of it. poor pooch was just toooo tired.
+ The addition of Sandy to the youth band- I <3 drums!!!!!
+ Starting the process of getting me a pension (oh my i feel old... responsible too though *grins*)
+ getting Abbie back after she had had her wee operation - had missed her sooo much that day.
+ Meeting up with Steve... was so nice to hear all of his news *grins*
+ I ironed i HUGE pile of clothes for the first time in absolutely ages... was random. But at least my mum can be proud *lol*
+ All the fun and games of TTNP last week... sooooooo funny. I wonder if Pammie ever dried off?? *hehehe*
+ BB/GB service... it was strangely fun... even if we the band were missing mack.
+ Elevate - was it just me, or did elevate rock more than usual on Sunday night??? Like COOOOOOOL!
+ Glenshee is getting closer!!! *eeeeeeeep*
+ stuff for crafty stuff for our coffee morning at the end of November has just arrived *grins*
+ i ordered ER season 9 - still not come though... but i'll cope until it does *grins*

all happy happy... i could list the not so happy stuff, but that would just be boring.

Christmas anyone???
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