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Thursday, August 25, 2005
alright in the end...
well my meeting with Iain went pretty well this afternoon... was long though coz we had a lot to discussion really. But yeah, ended up going out for dinner 'n the cinema tonight with dad which was cool especially as i didn't get to see him much last week... he's nice 'n cuddly to lean on at the cinema *hehe*. He chose 'the island' and i think i probably enjoyed it more than him... was gd. although there were a lot of bits that sorta made you go 'ouch that GOTTA hurt' *lol*...

but the best bit had to be when the guy said after they fell like 200ft off a building with stuff - including a helicopter - blowing up all over the place (and survived, how realististic is that?! NOT!!!)...

"Jesus must really love you. That's got to be the craziest mess i've ever see" - was great *hehe*

but yeah so am quite tired now... tomorrow night is Inspired so it'll be good to see everyone back again. think i'm gonna do prep 'n stuff during the day... got quite a bit of admin sorta stuff to do *joy*
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