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Saturday, August 20, 2005
new template *grin*
decided to get me a new template... and came across this rather awesome one - btw for my links 'n stuff you have to select the wee button on the top right corner... it's very small, but it's there *wink* it's a very cool layout *grin*

but yeah... STILL waiting for this compressor to finish *doh* so i'll be up VERY early tomorrow to try and get the discs started... is a time consuming business this... i'm afraid some peeps may have to wait a wee while before they get their's...

ach well... not much more to say tbh. am tired. and seeing as i'll be up at like 7am i think i'll be heading to bed early. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow - heading back to Glasgow on the train at 3:40pm so yeah, that'll be 'fun'.

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