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Friday, August 26, 2005
Awake and bored...
well it's been a good day in that i've managed to get a lot done today... managed to get all my washing done, then spent most of the afternoon doing Bible Class prep and then Inspired prep and other bits and pieces for work... And then dad came for dinner which was kl.. I MADE him his dinner *hehe* which it has to be said that it was a tad annoying that we still don't have a cooker and oven in our kitchen which we are allowed to use so i was working between kitchen *duh*... but it was good and he seemed to have appreciated it which is fabby.

Hmmm then was at inspired - which was fabby tonight. Was good to have everyone back together and God really stirred some hearts... which essentially in the long run is a good thing... was a good prayer ministry session at the start anyway.

but yeah - my cousins managed to single-handedly set of the fire alarm at the hotel they're staying in tonght which resulted in like 400 guests having to be evacuated out of their beds *hehehe* very funny... i don't think they'll ever live it down!!! *hehe*

oooooh and i got the latest version of msn for mac today which means that i can have pics now *grin* which is quite fun... and oh yes... they've begun dismantling the scaffolding arcoss the street which means i'll hve no weird guys looking into my room anymore which will be nice....

oh yeah... and here's my quote for the day...
Emily (referring to the oven in her kitchen): 'Yes he tends to get a bit excited when you turn him on'....
just as well i wasn't eating at the time or i would have choked... she laughed for a bit after that *lol*

ah well... i suppose i should try sleep... blah.
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  • At 8:28 pm, Anonymous em said…

    well you have to admit that the oven is pritty male.

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