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Friday, November 11, 2005
busy busy busy
it's just been one of those days of everything happening at once... blah. It's ok thought - i'm relatively upbeat about everything. My head is STILL pounding despite a desperate attempt to take pills to dull it about, but that's just how it goes... a good walk in the windy fresh air didn't even help, much. But yeh.
So as far as i know the church is STILL on half power... it's all a tad odd. Although the man assured Harvey that we would have power by the end of the night, but these people are always lying through their teeth... but you never know, by the time i get there tonight the power may actually be back to normal... I can live in hope at least... Essentially the lights in the big hall don't matter tooooo much for the morning - but it would be nice to at least have everything else that is required working... *prays*
Anyway, i made up this groovy playlist for the coffee morning... the young folk said they wanted a mix of christmas stuff and worship stuff... so their wish is my command... i'm sure it'll be an amusing morning with the music alone *hehe*.
But anyway, the plan is for it to be an early start... although dad 'n mum 'n me are going shopping tonight for stuff for the pancakes 'n stuff. So thats good. We'll go 'n drop it off at the church and then maybe i'll be able to get some of the stuff set up so we don't have to do it ALL in the morning...

ooooooooooooooooop - i got my impact jumper today *finally* 'tis very comfy!!! *hehe* says 'Phil 2:15, TLT' on the back... the Phil 2:15 bit is the passage in Philippians which talks about shining like stars in the darkness... That has to be like my FAVE scripture... and we had it as our 'theme' at Cumnock this year... so i got it put on my jumper this time *grin* am well pleased with how it's turned out!

oooooooo and i had fun laminating with Em's laminator today too *amused* and i managed to do it without any hitches at all... it's all good *hehe* anyway i guess i should go 'n make sure that i have everything i need, coz at the moment i'm VERY likely to have forgotten not one thing, but many things......
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