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Thursday, November 10, 2005
well my headache is still here.. in fact it's been getting steadily worse throughout the day... so this ain't going to be an overly long entry coz i'm heading to bed. *then remembers that she has a reflection report to write before she can go to bed* blah...

so yeh... was an ok day as far as college goes... was really interesting... which made the headache bearable... then had a manic *AH I NEED TO GET EVERYTHING SORTED FOR GROUP* moment... so i was doing that until dad arrived to pick me up to take me to work... so the result was that i headed off to would without food... *tummy grumbles* so i currently have a frozen meal in the microwave... so unhealthy i know, but that's just life. anyway got to church only to be told by Harvey that the power for the building was on half power and that meant that the big hall lights weren't working which meant completely re-jigging inspired... no dancing or any normal stuff at all really... instead i had them in one of the rooms upstairs decorating baubles for Saturday and then we talked about saturday and finalised some stuff... so it's all sorted... although i have a lot of loose ends to chase tomorrow, not least getting change for a float *hmmm* but yeh... all madness.

am v tired... got food now though... so going to to eat.
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