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Friday, September 02, 2005
The miraculously healing computer..
woke up this morning to have a big scare... my laptop, which i had shut down last night, wouldn't switch on this morning... or at least it did, but it couldn't start up OS X and when i put the start up disc in and run the disc utility it couldn't even SEE the hard drive... this was NOT good. Many tears were shed and prayers said... coz not only is my laptop an expensive piece of gear and one which i regularly use, but it is also a primary part of my ministry... doh.

so anyway... Emily and I headed off to the West End on foot in search of the Apple Centre... and found after a nice walk... got to the centre... told the guy in the shop what had happened, and he restarted it and it worked fine. *shock* not a problem with it... he even started it up so that you could see all that it was doing and it was like unix or something, and it was fine. Not a problem... was very weird... but am happy coz i still have a working laptop *grin*

so yeah... a little less stressed out now... Phil will be on his way down here soon. Thanksgiving tomorrow, which i'm sure will be a laugh... i was meant to be makin me a t-shirt with lots of mission stuff written on it 'n stuff... but i just haven't had the time, nor the funds to get fabric pens 'n stuff... trying to stop spending!!!!! So yeah. Think i'm gonna chill for the rest of the afternoon now...
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