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Monday, September 05, 2005
the wonders of technology *blah*
*yawn* - am very tired....

but yeah it's been a good couple of days... Phil has been here which is always fun *grin* we headed into the west end after a lazy morning yesterday afternoon and the band spent most of the afternoon practicing - which was most fun *hehe* i just spent most of my time talking to michie 'n billy 'n the girls 'n singing along *hehe*... phil was so funny on the drums... i know i'm bias, but i do enjoy hearing him playing drums for worship bands *grin*
but, yeah we had pizza for dinner - was good.
and of course the service was great... worship was great... phil w's talk was fabby, reflection and response was kl and the ceildih rocked *grin* never did get a dance with Kenny *hehe* but the hat dance was insane... and i'm still at a loss as to how Lauren managed to run me around the room by my 3 fingers without breaking them or letting go *lol* was very fun though!!! *hehe* so yeah, was good to hang out with folks again and generally just to have a social night out for a bit...
heading back was funny - phil kept tripping over/walking into stuff coz he wasn't watching where he was going *hehe* - you're think he'd learn *lol*.
annnnnnnyway - after eventually getting to sleep last night... then eventually managaing to drag myself out of bed this morning (that was sooooooo hard) we headed off to church... not before of course opening my computer to find that it had crashed, and that it was doing the whole 'i'm not gonna work' thing again *grrr* but i was like 'whatever' and i decided to take it for the stuff at church anyway (knowing that i had arranged for a backup laptop to be there anyway) and thought that perhaps it would do as it did last time and work again when we tried at church - it did!! *lol* but then we had fun with the projector... plugged it in, but it wasn't getting any power at all... so this was the thought process...
1 --> check that it's not the socket (swapped it with the laptop plug) and so no it wasn't the socket...
2 --> when that failed i decided that it may be either the actual machine or the power cable... by this point i had alerted Iain to the problem especially seeing as i don't know anything about fuses *rolls eyes*... so Harvey checked the fuse and it wasn't that... so we went on the hunt for another kettle plug since we wanted to see if it WAS the cable... Iain found an extra plug in the kitchen... it worked, therefore leading us to the conclusion that it was indeed the original power cable. BUT the cable he had got from the kitchen was mega short, so harvey got us an extension lead... we thought all was well... sorry but no.
3 --> was just writing up the words for 'Our God is a great big God' when i smelt burning (by this time it's like 11:05am - service starts at 11:15am *eeeeeeeeek*) and it was the cable!!!! sooooooooooooooooo glad i caught it!!!!! so it was the wee short cable, so Iain got Harvey to find another more suitable *cough* cable and when that arrived all was well...
Great big God went down relatively well... Lauren 'n Pamela helped me while Phil did the powerpoint for the words and Geo made sure the sound was ok (did it along to a CD)... then the girls spoke about mission with Iain in front of the congregation... firstly about what they were feeling on the run up to mission followed by the DVD and then what they were taking away from mission etc... they spoke really well - was well pleased!!! *grin* then Phil and i made a bee line to dismantle the laptop 'n projector and take it through to set up for the bible class... which Andy was speaking about his mission work in Tunzania in the summer which again was good.
Madness - but a good morning none the less... and more amazing was the fact that i was totally keeping my cool throughout it all even when everything kept breaking etc.

Then Phil 'n I headed back into the centre and went to Tiso's for lunch *yummmmmmmmm* and then we came back here 'n i managed to get highest bid on ebay for a new pair of brand new chucks!!! £21 - a bargin i tell ya!!!! *grin* just a nice simple pair... *grin* so yeah - between that and discussions with my dad about this computer and it's 'tantrums' it was a busy afternoon... Paypal is a pain to register for btw - a total pain in the butt!!!! but yeah... joy.

After that i dropped Phil off at the bus station for his trip back north and then headed from there to B'briggs where i headed off to Geo's and Sheena's for a catch up... was kl. then evening service which was good tonight... about Abram... God's faithfulness 'n stuff... was good.
and then i basically got back here 'n collapsed. and when i checked my computer it had frozen again, luckily it restarted without being too awkward this time though!!!!! anyyyyyyyyyway... v tired. ach. bedtime me thinks.
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