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Monday, November 14, 2005
pure lazy...
ok so it's been a busy day... spent most of the afternoon cleaning up the stuff lying all over my room a bit and then of course i had another proposal to do for class... which the way this lecturer wants it is just plain weird and confusing... and to a degree we'd be as well be WRITING the stupid essay!!!! *duh* so anyway have made an attempt at that for tomorrow *blah* but i'm just confused...

other than that i've been looking at Keyboards, coz i need to price them and put an application into the board asking for one primarily for the youth band... hopefully they'll get a decent one and not a cheapo one... but i have no idea about keyboards at all so in my honest opinion its abosolutely pointless having ME be the person to do the research... *duh* but yeah so that's just how it goes...

other than that we had Youth band tonight... and Gillian brought her drums, but it was good... i really enjoyed her having them there... she was hitting them rather loudly and randomly at the start which was close to making things difficult but it was ok... but yeah, generally a good practice... they're doing pretty well with the new ones now, so i think i may get some more sorted for next week...

Not much else to report in all truth... Have classes tomorrow... i'm sure that'll be fun. Should really go and do my reading for the first class before i go to bed... there's not that much to do i don't think *grin*

Anyway - for now the pressure is off at work... so that's a nice change... really wasn't coping very well there for a bit... things can only get easier from here...
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