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Monday, November 14, 2005
you know how sometimes you think that people just don't get that you're human too????? I've feeling like that at work recently... it's like people don't mind piling all the pressure on me because i'm the 'trainee' and i'm the one being 'paid' to do all the extra stuff... but sometimes they just take it too far... i even told certain people that i was really beginning to struggle and they just shrugged it off... very annoying. But then one of the young people comes along and apologises for something they said to me like a week ago and something which i wasn't even bothered by at the time... but it was the fact that she realised that i too was a person with feelings 'n stuff... it's not that she didn't know it before, but it was like... well i just know that it took a lot for her to say it to me in the first place... and i appreciated it.

I don't care what anyone says... Kenmure are lucky to have the young people that they do, and they need to SERIOUSLY start investing in them... another student just ain't gonna cut it.
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