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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
plodding along.
am bored... and i'm sorta getting a sore head again *doh*.
But class this morning was ok... was all to do with Sacrificial foods 'n Paul's opinion of Christians eating etc it in 1st Corinthians... was quite interesting... Was then looking at Colossians at the end, but he lost me half way through... i was totally switched off... *lol* ah well.
Anyway am having a long lunch hour coz we don't have class until 2:30pm... may do some reading, but really want to get my head sorted first... but i finished the baubles for mum... she had another 2 orders for me... so i'll try 'n remember to package them for dad to take back to Kemnay with him *grin*
ah it's all good... nothing else out of the ordinary really happened... dad's coming over tonight though... think i'm gonna cook again... and he's gonna change my guitar strings 'n i'm gonna see if he can take me to tesco. *thinks she should really write a list before she ends up forgetting stuff again*

*hehe* sitting watching friends... so funny *hehe*

anyway - i should go get myself ready for class.. *grin*
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